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Supporting and driving the advancement of diversity in tech in every sense.

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Comprehensive Diversity

Our mission at Qwasar is to train millions for the digital economy and to make education accessible. It is vital that training to a high standard be accessible for people from all kinds of backgrounds, experiences, cultures, geographies, and more.

The Qwasar community is full of people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, of people from different countries and cultures, and of people of different ethnicities and religions. We are united by code and driven by our beliefs in the power and value of diverse thinking. We strive to play our part in fueling greater comprehensive diversity in tech worldwide.


Diversity Drives Critical Thinking

Diverse and differing opinions demand critical thinking. Whenever there are different ways of solving the same problem, ultimately, there will be discussion around which way is the best and why, demanding analysis and evaluation.

Different backgrounds and experiences help to fuel creativity, too. Often, great solutions are built through a combination of differing ideas. There’s also a lot of science and research to back the value and power of diversity in teams, where positive outcomes include greater creativity and critical thinking.

Diversity is About Culture

At Qwasar, we focus on being united by code, and work hard at building a welcoming culture and community focused on learning. Part of the beauty of learning in a community is seeing different people experience the same projects. Everyone’s learning journey is different, because their backgrounds and experiences are different. But going through the same projects, even at different times, you experience and appreciate different approaches, struggles, and solutions to the same problem.

When the focus is on learning growth, how learning happened, and celebrating each individual’s progress, a culture develops that embraces diversity and celebrates the power of creativity and critical thinking.

Diversity in tech is not just about numbers, but it’s about culture and company cultural change, moving to a place where diversity is highly valued and its rewards recognized.

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Diversity is in the Foundation of Our Company

We are proud to be a Black and woman-founded company, as well as a company that hires a diverse team. We are young, old, East Coast, West Coast, engineers, analysts, creatives, dreamers, and thinkers. We purposefully sought out advisors who are different from us and who are different from each other, because we want them to think critically and creatively to help us build a strong and smart company.

We hope that our foundations in diversity inspire our learners and support them in their learning journeys. 

Diversity in Tech Demands Accessible Learning Pathways

Years of experience in tech education, as well as years of working at non-profits has long convinced us that to truly change diversity in tech, there must be accessible learning pathways.

Tech companies have a diversity challenge but they largely have a pipeline problem: they struggle to find qualified diverse candidates who meet their job criteria.

Since education in the US especially is incredibly expensive (a Stanford computer science degree costs upwards of $144K), it’s imperative that there be educational options that train to the standards that companies demand that do not cost an arm and a leg. At ~$2,400 total program cost, we are one of the most affordable programs in the US on purpose and long to provide a real on-ramp to tech jobs for all populations.


Diversity in Tech Demands Learning Flexibility

Part of improving the tech talent pipeline for companies means empowering diverse learning for diverse candidates. Anyone looking to get into tech should not be limited to learning in a classroom via a lecture or through online videos. Knowledge transmission is not great for everyone (arguably not great for the 21st century at all).

Our programs are designed to accommodate learning flexibility, allowing for people to learn in a way that works best for them. The nature of learning through projects and problems has natural flexibility, meaning that learners who perhaps did not do well in high school could flourish in a mastery-based and challenging system. This is an important part of fueling talent for diversity in tech.

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