Innovative Education Model Consulting Services

We work with clients, potential clients, and industry professionals to offer consulting services in the area of innovative education and tech talent development.

innovative education model consulting

Innovative Education Models

We are specialists in implementing innovative education models, in particular, models that scale, develop 21t-century skills, and implement advanced learning science and pedagogy.

Our founders have 20+ years of experience in implementing innovative education models, including the award-winning computer programming school 42.

Our small team of experts have consulted for governments, Tier 1 consulting firms, and top-ranked universities, working around the world to help leaders understand the future of education.

innovative education model consulting

Developing Technical Talent at Scale and to Industry Standards

In addition to a specialty in innovative education models, we are also specialist in how to develop advanced and skilled technical talent at scale.

We know how to train talent to industry standards in software-related fields, including to Silicon Valley standards in AI, machine learning, backend software engineering, blockchain, cloud and DevOps engineering, and data engineering. This is a much higher level than the vast majority of other training programs available.

Second, we know how to train talent at scale. Few educational programs are truly designed to scale quickly or to the 00s of thousands, let alone more. We specialize in how to train technical talent at scale, which is of particular use to large organizations, HR, and L&D departments.

Implementing Project-based Learning for Adults

Few people in the world have expertise or decades of experience in implementing true project-based and problem-based learning for adults. That is our specialty and what we’ve been doing for 2 decades.

Our work includes implementing project-based learning using advanced technology platforms and tools, as well as designing programs for working professionals. We offer innovative education model consulting services particularly focused on PBL for adults and engaging on-site, hybrid, and online models.

innovative education model consulting
innovative education model consulting

Data-driven Learner Performance Tracking

Since we’ve technologists by trade, we believe strongly in using today’s technologies to help drive and improve skills-based and competency-based learning.

We specialize in the use of data-driven learning performance tracking, data collection, and how to use data in program management to reduce costs, improve learner outcomes, and increase ROI.

Innovative education model consulting isn’t just about the model but also about examining data, running tests, and seeing what is and isn’t working then using experience, innovation, and learning science to make improvements.

Implementing Online, Hybrid, and On-site Innovative Education Models

Our team has expertise in implementing on-site, hybrid, and online innovative education models. We consult on how to implement each one, the challenges to expect, the pros and cons of each, and which models is best when and for whom.

We help clients understand how to evaluate, choose, and implement different innovative learning models that work in the 21st-century.

innovative education model consulting
innovative education model consulting

Building Employer Partnership Programs For Tech Talent Pipelines

Technical talent is in high demand globally. A good innovative learning model that trains competent, technically good talent will attract attention from employers looking for talent. We consult with clients to help them build employer partnership programs to complement learning programs and drive job placement rates.

We use non-traditional, high-engagement models that reflect innovative learning methods while offering high-value opportunities for learners.

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