Qwasar Pricing and Program Costs

For Learners in North America

Program costs below are for learners in our programs ONLY in the United States and Canada.

Option 1: Pay in Full Upfront

$2,400 total

Pay upfront before your start date

Option 2: Pay in Monthly Installments

$2,400 total

Pay monthly at $100/mo for part-time or $200/mo for full-time

Option 3: Finance through Meritize, Pay $0 upfront

Variable upfront payment, monthly payments and interest rates.

  • Tuition can be paid in full upfront, in monthly payments, or financed through Meritize.
  • If paying in monthly installments, the first TWO months are due after enrolling and before your start date. This is non-refundable.
  • You have two weeks from your start date to dropout of the program without incurring the dropout fee.
  • There is a fee to drop-out of the program after two weeks from your start date.
  • Please ask us any questions about this during your application interview!
  • You will be sent an enrollment contract after you enroll in a Qwasar program.

For Licensed Programs in North America

We work with partners who want to implement specific training programs in North America including companies, cities, and non-profits.

Each client has different training needs with respect to subject matter, duration, size or scale, and services and support.

Please contact us for pricing about licensed programs in North America.

For Licenses in All Other Countries

We work with partners around the world to implement training programs that are customized for local culture, dynamics, and content. Our partners include companies, cities, countries and governments, non-profits, and more.

There are 4 major elements that constitute a program, of which our platform is only one part.

Each partner has different training goals, and programs and prices vary by region, size, and service level.

Please contact us for pricing about licensed programs in countries outside of North America.


A Local and Global Learning Experience

We work with partners around the world and learners on our platform interact globally with other learners. Our partners are key for local implementation, cultural adaptation and adoption, and key market insights that drive program successes.

Years of experience has taught us the importance and beauty of culture in program design and implementation.

Our Platform learning experience
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For questions about our programs, licensing, and partnership opportunities, please contact us.

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