About Qwasar

An innovative learning platform with mission-driven and future-focused learning communities for the digital world

The 4th industrial revolution is here and most companies will become technology companies as digital transformation continues. Today, there's a huge demand for high-quality digital training to equip the workforce with both hard skills and soft skills that are far beyond what machines can do. We're on a mission to help as many people as possible train for the digital world, to make our training accessible, and to change diversity in tech.


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Innovative learning design for 21st-century skills

We use an innovative, active learning method that's designed for the 21st century. We're the first model that's designed to scale and first designed for upskilling, re-skilling, and training industry-level talent for the workplace.

We’ve spent the last twenty years building training programs for software engineers, and now we’re building an improved learning platform to train millions, not just a few thousand. Here are some of our accomplishments:

  • 3 successful IT & softwareengineering schools aroundthe world
  • Educated 25,000+ studentsover the last 20 years
  • Won 3 awards including adistinguished WISE award
  • Built a high school program for learning to code & pass the AP CSP exam
  • Built a project incubator program
  • Created an intensive one-year training program that placed over 75% of students in Tier 1 tech companies

25K Engineers

20+ Yrs' Experience

3 Global Schools

Make Education Accessible

We’re set on making our programs accessible to millions of youth.

Create Pathways to the Workforce

We’re creating real, step-by-step journeys to the workforce including work experience.

Train Digital Executives & Employees

We train executives, leaders, and employees with skills they’ll need in today’s software world.

Kwame Yamgnane

Kwame is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder based in Berkley, CA. Prior to founding Qwasar, Kwame was the co-founder and Managing Director of 42 Silicon Valley and co-founder of 42 in Paris. 42 is a computer programming school that reached international acclaim. Kwame opened both campuses and helped 12 other campuses around the world. Kwame led growth, expansion, and operations at Epitech, France’s leading private IT university and has a deep industry background, having worked with the national police force, France’s distinguished sailing team, and top tier tech companies in France.

Currently, his focus is on expanding new technologies and innovations in education to the Americas, Africa, and Asia, with a focus on digital economy workforce and skill development.

Jennifer Robertson

Jennifer is a Qwasar co-founder, baker, writer, and loves sports. She has a mixed background with 10+ years in marketing, sales, business development, strategy and execution, customer acquisition, and operations, having worked in education, international development, broadcasting, and customer service industries.

Prior to Qwasar, Jennifer worked with Kwame at 42 Silicon Valley, doubled enrollment in less than 18 months and established the brand in the US. She also created and ran an incubator on campus, serving as an advisor to 10+ teams of projects and startups. In other roles, she was the ghost writer for the Chief Innovation Officer of the University of California in their Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and built digital marketing and market analysis systems for edtech companies in the K12 industry.


TTY is our beloved mascot and favorite English bulldog. He brings love (and smelliness) to our team.

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Greg La Blanc

Professor Greg La Blanc is Faculty Director of the Berkeley Fintech Institute and Professor in Strategy, Finance, and Law at UC Berkeley.

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Sergio Letelier

Sergio is the VP and Deputy General Counsel, Mergers & Acquisitions, at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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Giorgio Regni

Giorgio Regni is the co-founder and CTO of Scality. He’s also a great musician!.

As a team and startup out of UC Berkeley, we’re proud to have participated in exceptional programs focused on startup incubation and market exploration.

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