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Digital Skills Corporate Training

Innovative, 21st-century training for a powerful digital workforce
Train your workforce in ways that work best for you.
Our programs are designed for the following people.
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Innovative, collaborative & flexible training

We use active learning and highly collaborative methods that build soft skills within your teams and deliver higher retention rates than other learning options. Participants can use their own data, create their own useful scripts, and fit their training around the time your team has available.

We offer multiple training programs for professionals to train them with digital skills. Program can be 2-3 weeks intensive or 3 months part-time.

Custom programs can focus on the following areas: artificial intelligence, web development, data science, blockchain, cybersecurity, machine learning, cloud computing & admin, imperative programming, objected-oriented programming, functional programming (Elixir) and databases.

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Why us: innovative learning methods

Our programs are deeply rooted in education research and designed to foster 21st-century skills. Participants grow in problem-solving, analytical thinking, collaboration, teamwork, creativity, and being software-savvy. Participants practice with us before implementing new technical skills in the workplace, giving them confidence and boosting their value to their companies.

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