Elite Summer Coding Program

Looking for a career-fueling summer coding activity? Join our elite, immersive summer software engineering program designed especially for computer science students. All you need is a computer and a webcam. You'll join meetings virtually and we'll set you up in small groups for ongoing project work. Expect to do a LOT of coding.
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Immersive, Elite Coding Program (Remote)

In light of the coronavirus disruptions, we’re offering an elite summer coding program for computer science students that is completely remotely.

We’ve developed a 3-month, immersive course to develop strong, industry-leading fundamentals in software engineering. Learners will gain significant coding experience with real-world tools, similar to an internship.

Active Learning & Learning by Doing

It’s time to get your hands dirty and dig in to the real world of how computers work! Learning by doing is the best and most enjoyable way to become a great software engineer. Our immersive course is entirely hands-on learning, complete with projects, challenges, and exercises.

This is a high-participation program: you’ll work directly with fellow students, helping them and reviewing each other’s work. You’ll be immersed into the world of software and come out not just with technical skills, but with a better understanding of software architecture, how computers work, and higher level languages.

Program Content

In the first couple of days, participants will familiarise themselves our IDE (integrated development environment) and how to navigate basic commands and concepts. You can code in your browser without having to download any tools or software.

Learners will begin projects and exercises in C.

What You’ll Learn

This course covers the following topics:

  • The tools and environments used by software engineers
  • Coding “norms” or standards for writing good code
  • Data structures
  • Loop statements
  • Variables
  • Libraries
  • Algorithms
  • How to structure your code
  • C programming
  • Comprehension of how a computer fundamentally treats and stores characters, strings, integers, and other values, and how this affects memory management and other factors
  • Core War (often considered a Master’s level project)
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Core Skill Development

Learners will be focused on develop a toolset of skills required for the workplace and jobs today as a software engineer or developer. In this program, the main hard skills we focus on are:

  • Strong programming fundamentals
  • Strong comprehension of lower level languages
  • Fundamental understanding of how computers work and how higher level languages work “under the hood”
  • Adherence to coding norms
  • Writing readable code
  • Successfully test, debug, deploy, and maintain code for a given project

The soft skills that learners focus on are:

  • Structured problem solving and debugging
  • Analytical and scientific thinking
  • Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking
  • The ability to learn new tools, techniques, and languages quickly
  • Greater comfort with software that doesn’t work and fixing it with the help of teammates
  • Strong attention to detail

Program Dates & Cost

Monday, June 15 to Friday, September 4, 2020

Program starts at 10am on Monday, June 15.

Cost: $250.

How We Compare

Learning design, how learning works, and the skills you develop in this program is unlike other learning options. Our learning-by-doing approach is more hands-on and much closer to the real-world than other options.

Here’s what others focus on:


  • Instructor-led
  • Focus on knowledge transmission
  • Expensive
  • Focused on high-level languages
  • No fundamentals in software engineering
  • Very light on back-end programming
  • No algorithms or data structures


  • Entirely knowledge transmission
  • No real skill development or mastery
  • Low cost
  • Individual learning, no community
  • No portfolio projects
  • Very light on actual coding

College Courses

  • Focus on theory, not application
  • Knowledge transmission, not skill development or mastery
  • Mostly individual learning
  • $600-$20,000 in cost
  • 1-2 projects if lucky
  • Earn college credit

What Sets Us Apart From The Classroom

Immersive & Active

It’s up to you to figure out what you need to do! We don’t give you detailed instructions or easy answers. You’ve got to work together, be resourceful, and figure things out on your own. Each project is a challenge to be overcome!

Experience that Counts

With our learning-by-doing approach, you get experience that helps your to prepare for the real working world, no matter whether it’s in a technical role or not. Learning to be resourceful and to problem solve are skills applicable in any job.

No A's, B's, or C's for 'Grades'

You don’t get grades and there is no concept of an A, B or C with our program. The point is to learn, to grow in your knowledge and understanding by hands-on doing. Your software does what it should, or it doesn’t and you need to fix it.

Elite Summer Coding Program 3

What to Expect

Participants will use our learning platform to progress through a series of projects. Projects will have instructions and outline what 'software' or code needs to be built for each project. Once a project has been completed, it is submitted for review where those who have already completed the project will review submitted work, following specific questions and criteria in the peer review element of the learning platform.

During review, submitted work will either pass or need fixing. Participants who do not pass a project will fix the bugs and errors in their work, then re-submit it for review. Participants can move on to subsequent projects and continue in the process. Some participants will learn concepts faster than others, and the course has more than enough content to accommodate fast learners. You won't be disappointed if you go quickly! We have a small team of software engineers on board who will review the work of those who advance quickly.

Summer Coding Program Schedule

Monday Kick-off

We’ll kick-off the program with a remote program meeting, you’ll meet the founders, and you will introduce yourself to the other members of the program. Along with a few presentations and exercises, consider this Orientation.

Group Meetings

We’ll assign you to work in groups and you will begin working on your first set of exercises. You will have a login to our platform, and it’s up to you how you work with your group, but we strongly recommend collaborating!

Morning & Afternoon Program Meetings

At the beginning and end of each day, we’ll have a program meeting and check-in via video conference. We’ll have updates to share for each day and a tip or two to help you along. Share your joys and frustrations with fellow learners! It’s important to celebrate when your code works 🙂

Application Process

Complete Application

Complete our application form and submit a copy of your student ID with the form (there’s a field for file upload).

Application Reviewed

We’ll review your application and verify your student ID.

Notification & Payment

We’ll notify you if you have been accepted into the program. Following acceptance, you will receive an email with link for payment information, deadlines, and methods.


If you have questions about the program, please contact Jennifer.

Want to continue beyond summer break?

Not a problem! We’ve got enough projects and tracks to last a year 🙂

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Check out a blog article from one of our founders on why we created this program, how it is designed to resemble an internship, and how we hope it helps during the coronavirus situation.