Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How are applications reviewed/accepted?

All applications will be reviewed and processed by the Qwasar committee. As detailed on our application processed page, the process includes a Hackerrank-style test, personality and IQ test, take home assignment, and technical interview.

2.) When is the application deadline?

The application deadline for each program start date is two weeks before the start of the program.

3.) Are applications completed after the deadline considered?

All applications completed less than one week before a program start date will not be considered for that start date. We will contact you about future program start dates.

4.) Is there an admission interview?

Yes, if applicants pass the prior rounds in the application process, they will be invited to a technical interview. 

5.) Who do I contact with application questions?

If you have any questions during the application process, please email submit a contact form on our website.

6.) How long does it take to complete the Masters program?

The program is duration is 13 months for full-time students and 24 months for part-time students.

7.) What should I do after being admitted?

Congratulations! The first step is thoroughly read through all instructions on the admissions material we send to you via email. Also, you will need to make your program payment before your start date.

8.) What courses are being offered?

Please refer to our course descriptions on the curriculum page for a full list of our offerings for each specialization.

9.) Do I need a BS to participate in this program?

Yes, a Bachelor’s degree is required – in ANY subject. You do NOT need a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or IT. Also, a minimum requirement is that you have previous coding experience in at least 2 programming languages as well as a minimum understanding of the software development lifecycle, command line, data structures, and algorithms.

10.) Can I complete the part-time program faster?

Yes, you can progress through the curriculum at your own pace. If you complete the assignments faster than the estimated time, you will complete the part-time program in less than 24 months.

11.) Is there an orientation for new students?

Yes! All new students will be required to attend a mandatory orientation on the first day of the program. This will include getting set up on the platform, meeting your peers in your cohort, getting to know your program managers, and starting on your first project.

12.) What materials are required for the program?

A computer and webcam are the only two materials needed for this program. This program uses software that will work on a Chromebook. You do not need to purchase a powerful computer in order to complete this program. You will need stable internet access and a good connection, however, in order to participate and learn in this program.

13.) What if I work part-time/full-time?

If you work full-time, you will be unable to enroll in our full-time program. We do not recommend enrolling in our part-time program unless you are able to commit to all program meetings on a consistent and ongoing basis. If you work part-time, it is up to you to determine if the schedule works with your prior commitments. All program meetings are mandatory and it is important to dedicate time to coding during the week to ensure progress and long-term success.

14.) What are the admission requirements?

The minimum requirement is that you have previous coding experience in at least 2 programming languages as well as a minimum understanding of the software development lifecycle, command line, data structures, and algorithms. Also, you need to have a bachelor’s degree.

15.) How can I check the status of my application?

The application process for the MCSC at Qwasar is multi-step and will involve an application form, Hackerrank-style test, personality/IQ test, take-home assignment, and a technical interview. Please refer to all email communications from Qwasar to see the most recent update on your application. It is important to be timely in submitting all tests and assignments during the process.

16.) Is there an admission deposit required?

No. Program payment is due in full prior to your start date. 

17.) Does the MSCS degree accept international students?

Yes, this program accepts international students pending application review.

18.) Are there opportunities for networking?

Yes, there are countless opportunities to work together with other developers within the greater Qwasar community throughout the program. There are occasionally DevTalk events, guest speakers, and alumni who speak about their experiences at top tech companies and navigating the industry. 

19.) How do I register for classes?

When you apply for the MSCS degree, you will choose your specialization: Software Engineering, Full Stack Development, or AI/Machine Learning. Once in that track, you will have the opportunity to choose certain topics for your thesis and capstone to guide your learning and curriculum towards your future career goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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