Qwasar's Holiday Virtual Escape Room

Welcome to our virtual escape room game. Good luck!

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Industry-leading Innovative Learning Platform and Experience

We’re the only innovative, project-based learning platform designed for adult learners. Infused with automations, data, and an enormous amount of science, the Qwasar platform is one of the most advanced skills-based learning platforms in the world.

Explore what it’s like to use the platform, what to expect as a learner, and the different elements that contribute to the science behind our platform. Your code word is reenigne, but spelled backwards. Learning is designed for the 21st-century, and to develop skills, not memorize knowledge without applying it.

Software Engineering

Our expertise is in training great software engineers. Engineering is at the core of what we do and who we are.

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Experiential Learning Platform

Autocorrection systems, projects, sophisticated peer reviews, and more. We even have MORIA!

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Curriculum Map

A contextual overview of how our seasons or tracks fit together.

Coming soon! Look out for POINTERS.

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About Us

Find out more about the company, our history, and our team.

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Virtual Campus Visit from Workday

Earlier this week, we welcome Workday to our campus, along with two alumni who were hired earlier this year.
Checkout the employment opportunities and what Brendan and Abraham had to say about their experience:

Software and Cloud-based Architecture is an Important Part of Our Curricula

LIn today’s jobs, developers and engineers will interact almost daily with software architecture and cloud tools that support that architecture. As a result, architecture and the cloud infrastructure are a part of our programs and help learners grasp the depth and breath of the ecosystems in place today. Here are a range of diagrams that explain landscape, architectural possibilities, areas of research, and more:


If you have questions about Qwasar, our programs, or our partnerships, contact us!

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Our Science

Take at look at some of the learning and behavioural science behind our platform.

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Our Elite Programs

Check out our elite training programs available on our platform.

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