Qwasar's Holiday Virtual Escape Room

Welcome to our virtual escape room game. Good luck!

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Industry-leading Innovative Learning Platform and Experience

We’re the only innovative, project-based learning platform designed for adult learners. Infused with automations, data, and an enormous amount of science, the Qwasar platform is one of the most advanced skills-based learning platforms in the world.

Explore what it’s like to use the platform, what to expect as a learner, and the different elements that contribute to the science behind our platform. Your code word is reenigne, but spelled backwards. Learning is designed for the 21st-century, and to develop skills, not memorize knowledge without applying it.

Classic Holiday Movies

Who doesn’t love a classic holiday movie?!

One of our favorites is (of course) Die Hard.

There’s even a Die Hard tree ornament.

Qwasar Holiday Escape Game - ORNAMENT
Qwasar holiday escape game - pie

Classic Holiday Desserts

Who doesn’t love a good dessert?!

And who doesn’t love yule logs, christmas pudding, and pie.

Love Data? Check Out 2023 Holiday Shopping Data!

Despite the economy, interest rates, and tech layoffs, it seems that 2023 holiday shopping remains decent! Vendors are happy, and so if Jeff obviously (Bezos, duh).

We love data at Qwasar, so we found some data on holiday shopping this year. These could be analysis on spending, categorization of spends, yulelogarithm plots, and more. Here are some plots, graphs, and data visualizations!

“We were expecting a slower year given the ups and downs of the economy this year, but 2023 has been surprisingly good for our holiday sales, especially Cyber Monday”
Holiday Virtual Escape Room 1
Bruce Willis
The Holiday Shoppe, LLM

Master's of Computer Science

Check out our modern Master’s program: 85% coding, 15% lectures.
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Qwasar Shop

Looking for ideas for Christmas presents? We have a few really nice hoodies left too. Check out the Qwasar shop!

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Curriculum Map

A contextual overview of how our seasons or tracks fit together.

Coming soon! Look out for POINTERS.

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About Us

Find out more about the company, our history, and our team.

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A Cloud-based Architecture With 0 Downtime: Santa's Impossible Present?

Cloud tools are ever changing, with more coming out each year (AWS Re:invent was a great example, as were all major cloud ‘demo days’).

But can Santa ever help us get to 0 downtime? Oh that would be one of the greatest Christmas presents of all!

Of course, that’s near impossible, so in the meantime, we share with you some fun diagrams of different cloud architectures for commonly used applications. Maybe there’s something sweet in here for us after all.


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Our Science

Take at look at some of the learning and behavioural science behind our platform.

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