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Hands-on labs providing real project experience to students around today’s problems.

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What are Engineering Labs?

Engineering Labs at Qwasar are themed labs focused on building and creating solutions to real world projects or problems. Similar to an on-site robotics lab that allows robotics students to play with and explore robotics, our engineering labs are focused on empowering students to explore and build software in different areas.

Often, projects in these labs go on to become Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and are the seeds from which companies are born.

Dens of Innovation, Pursuits of Passion

Think of our Engineering Labs as the Innovation Labs that many companies set up in Silicon Valley. They exist to push boundaries, explore what’s possible, innovate and find creative solutions, and ultimately build a working software or product.

Labs are for students who have completed at least 50% of our curricula, and are also great opportunities for students to show their passions.

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Our Engineering Labs

After the first few courses, students will stop Live Coding Sessions and instead join an Engineer Lab. These are virtual, subject-based labs focused on hands-on projects built in groups. Projects offer an opportunity to explore the subject area while learning to collaborate with other students. Both projects and the labs themselves are great items to put on the resume!

Qwasar’s Engineering Labs are virtual, subject-focused labs where students work in pairs or groups to build a software project. Projects will last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the size and difficulty of the project. These are great opportunities to put projects and the Labs on your resume, and to explore some of today’s emerging technologies and subjects.

Labs are also opportunities for students to pursue areas they’re passionate about, or areas in which they lack experience and want to gain more exposure.

Blockchain Lab

  Our blockchain lab will focus on applications of blockchain to solve problems, or rebuild similar but different solutions to what already exists in this space.

Computer Vision Lab

Our computer vision lab focuses on different applications of computer vision. This could include autopilot, supply chain, facial recognition, and much more. Students will explore existing cloud-based tools that enable quick deployment of computer vision, then move on to more advanced applications and concepts.

Distributed Computing Lab

A hot topic among enterprise software engineering, our Distributed Computer Lab offers an opportunity to learn about and build software on that’s distributed. Students must be in the Software Engineering or AI/ML Engineering specialization to join this lab.

IoT Lab

Our IoT lab will focus on combining hardware and software, touching on embedded engineering and more low-level programming. Learners will likely have to buy some small hardware supplies (Arduino) to work with.

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Company-sponsored Labs & Starting a Lab

Looking for outstanding talent in a particular area? We also work with companies to create labs specific to the areas of talent they’re looking for. Engineering labs provide hands-on, specific subject-matter learning opportunities that create a pipeline of talent for your company. For example, Qwasar can create labs in:
  • SOC software engineering
  • Warehouse robotics
  • Digital twins
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • And more!
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