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Enter a technology-driven world of learning where software facilitates learner empowerment.

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Industry-leading Innovative Learning Platform and Experience

We’re the only innovative, project-based learning platform designed for adult learners. Infused with automations, data, and an enormous amount of science, the Qwasar platform is one of the most advanced skills-based learning platforms in the world.

Explore what it’s like to use the platform, what to expect as a learner, and the different elements that contribute to the science behind our platform.

Learning Experience

Cloud engineering and DevOps focus on infrastructure, monitoring, and automation.

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Experiential Learning Platform

Autocorrection systems, projects, sophisticated peer reviews, and more.

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Curriculum Map

A contextual overview of how our seasons or tracks fit together.

Coming soon!

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“It was really cool the person who gave my review even looked at how to make the code more clear and for a person who hasn’t seen the code before to read my code. Now I’m working to update my LS so that I learn for the future and for my group projects.”

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Our Science

Take at look at some of the learning and behavioural science behind our platform.

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Our Elite Programs

Check out our elite training programs available on our platform.

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Upskill or Reskill

Looking to upskill or reskill talent? Discover your options using our platform.