The Learning Experience

Enter into a new learning universe: what to expect when you join Qwasar programs and the Qwasar learning community.

Qwasar Learning Experience

Entering a New Learning Experience

Welcome to a new learning universe, one where YOU are in charge of your learning.

Just like the impending future of work, you will have to collaborate, communicate, and solve complex problems.

Leave behind traditional education and relying on instructors for knowledge. The future is about skills, and skill development is way tougher.

Qwasar Learning Experience technical skills

Technical Skill Development

You should expect to develop a breadth and depth of technical skills that relate to your program’s area of expertise. Additionally, you will cover the fundamental concepts of software engineering on which all software is built.

Technical skills are not just about the languages that you know; it’s also about using industry-standard tools and frameworks, as well as having a foundational understanding of data structures, databases, algorithms, software architecture, and code quality.

Silicon Valley demands a high level of technical knowledge and technical skills. Everything about our programs is designed to help you develop and retain this knowledge and skill set.

Structured Problem Solving

Perhaps one of the most important skills that you’ll learn and develop is structured problem solving. This includes:

– how to identify exactly what your problem is or is not

– breaking down a problem into smaller, more manageable chunks

– identifying all possible sources of your problem, then prioritizing

– methodically testing and eliminating problem sources

Great engineers are great problem solvers because they succeed in structuring and managing problems well. Such challenges are naturally part of the Qwasar curriculum and programs.

Qwasar Learning Experience structured problem solving
Qwasar Learning Experience be resourceful

Don't Expect Answers, Be Resourceful

In a real software job, your boss will not provide answers for you every time you get stuck. You are expected to figure things out and to do so efficiently.

At Qwasar, we do not provide answers to your questions all the time. Do not expect us to answer your questions like a professor or instructor would.

The point is that you learn how to become unstuck when you are stuck. You need to learn how to be resourceful, how to bring structure to a problem to solve it, and when and how to ask for help and feedback. This is VITAL to becoming a great software engineer or developer.

Great engineers are resourceful. The internet has plenty of resources for coding. The real skill is being able to use the tools and resources around you to solve today’s problems.

You're Responsible for Your Learning

At Qwasar, there are no professors or instructors who manage your learning for you. YOU are responsible for your learning, just as you are responsible for getting your work done in a job.

As a learner, you have access to all of your work and projects throughout each track. You need to learn to manage your time, plan your work, and advance in your studies.

Sometimes motivation is tough, but that is part of maturing and of learning self-management.

Qwasar Learning Experience you're responsible for your learning

Uncertainty, Trade-offs, & Decision Making

Part of what you will learn in our programs is how to live with uncertainty in building a solution, how to make decisions when facing trade-offs, and how to evaluate options when decision making.

These are critical soft skills that employers highly value and that only come with experience. You cannot learn these skills from a video lecture: you have to live them, experience them, and experience the emotional or mental challenges with each situation. Our projects are designed to pose such problems to you so that you have opportunities to develop these skills.

As the world becomes more complex and interconnected, decision-making skills become more valuable and in higher demand.

Learning Experience uncertainty, trade-offs, decisions
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