Qwasar Experiential Learning Platform

A powerful experiential learning platform designed and built for the 21st century by learning experts.

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Experiential Learning Platform IDE

Integrated Development Environment

In order to make coding more accessible and to reflect the methods that some Tier 1 tech companies have already adopted, we’ve built an IDE: integrated development environment. This means that learners can code in a web browser and do not need to download additional software in order to code.

Since everything is in the cloud, and because user experience is important, all work is saved and re-loaded so learners don’t lose their work despite working in an IDE.

Autocorrection System

Our system has a built-in autocorrection system for many of our exercises and projects. This is in addition to the peer correction system that fosters an advanced-to-younger learner review for submitted work.

Additionally, we’ve building an automated exercise and project subject generation system using AI, natural language processing, and machine learning. We hope to make the platform enjoyable for learners who keep coming back to learn more skills by keeping the content fresh.

Experiential Learning Platform autocorrection system
Experiential Learning Platform peer review system

Sophisticated Peer Review System

To help learners develop critical thinking skills and become familiar with all aspects of giving and receiving peer code reviews, we have developed a sophisticated and proprietary peer review system that guides reviewers through reviews and provides relevant information as they go.

Our system is seamless and easy to use thanks to multiple integrated elements that reflect what engineers or developers would use in the workplace.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is learning by doing, by living and experiencing. Whether you are living the complete software development cycle for the first time or experiencing the ups and downs of project-based learning, this method of learning is not about knowledge but about the whole human being and what you learn from your experience.

Our platform facilitates problem-based learning, exercises and repetition, role plays, and peer code reviews so that the learner grows as they experience each element.

There is truly no replacement for experiential learning, and it is the very means by which athletes become professionals, students become doctors, trainees become dentists, and more.

This kind of learning is what enables you to develop the very skills that will set you apart from other job candidates.

Experiential Learning Platform that facilitates experiential learning
Experiential Learning Platform elements

Skills-based Learning

Our experiential learning platform is specifically designed and backed by learning science to develop both hard skills and soft skills demanded by industry in today’s world. There are 4 elements to our experiential learning platform: projects and exercises, peer reviews/corrections, gamification, and role plays. These are the means by which learners develop their skills.

Everything in our platform is based on what happens in the workplace today, only it is inside a training program where failure doesn’t mean getting fired.

The Qwasar experiential learning platform is one of the most innovative learning and is as yet unmatched in its sophistication, use of learning science, depth of automation, low cost structure, and alignment to tech industry talent demands.

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