Our Science

Just like the science behind going to space, discover the science behind our platform and programs.

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Backed by Learning and Behavioural Science

Unlike most bootcamps, Qwasar’s programs and platform is backed by an enormous amount of learning science and behavioral science. We consider ourselves as a company always pursuing research and development to continually improve our platform and the learning experience.

We love science! There is so much research on the efficacy of project-based learning in developing 21st-century skills and in the power of gamification to motivate learning. Why would you choose anything else in this day and age?!

Join one of the world’s leading learning platforms and learning communities (backed by science, of course).

Project-based Learning

What is project-based learning and why is it the best way to develop your technical skill set?

Our Science project-based learning

Peer Learning and Code Reviews

What is peer learning and how does it work within the Qwasar platform?

Our Science peer learning

Gamification in Learning

What is gamification in learning and what are the elements that we use in our platform?

Our Science gamification

21st Century Skills Development

How active learning is the only way to develop 21st-century skills and future-proof yourself.

Our Science active learning

I’ve learned to be more structured in how to approach a problem. I’m not trying this, and then trying that, and getting nowhere.

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Our Programs

Explore programs in the Qwasar universe that are entirely project-based.

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Our Cutting-edge Platform

Get an overview of some of the innovative and industry-leading elements of our learning platform.

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Upskill or Reskill

Looking to upskill or reskill talent? Discover your options using our platform.