Program Policies

Attendance Policy

Qwasar’s programs are designed to prepare students for a career in the technology industry and are modeled after what a typical work day may look like. For a student to be successful in this role, they must demonstrate responsibility and reliability. Employers define this as punctuality, regular attendance, and consistent progress. It is expected that students establish these good habits and attend each required Qwasar meeting. Required meetings depend on the student’s active program and will be communicated before their initial start date. Students are also expected to be on-time and communicate any conflicts in advance with their program manager. Repeated absences could result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the program. Students must maintain at least a 75% daily attendance record to be considered in good standing. Excused absences do not count towards this figure. Falling below this level may lead to probation and the need to establish a working plan with the student’s program manager.

Probation and Dismissal Policy

Qwasar Silicon Valley reserves the right to discipline or dismiss any student whose attendance, academic performance, or professional conduct does not meet the standards established by our rules and regulations. A student may be placed on probation for consistently failing to meet attendance or academic standards. Any student on probation must meet with their program manager to establish a learning improvement plan before continuing their curriculum. A student risks dismissal if they continue to not meet the guidelines established in their improvement plan. Any student who has been dismissed may appeal the action within 15 days of the initial dismissal. To file an appeal, a student must send an email to their program director or administrator explaining their reasons or grounds for appealing their dismissal. In the event of dismissal, all tuition through the current month will remain due. If a student has paid in advance, funds outside of the current billing cycle will be returned within 30 days of dismissal.

Leave of Absence Policy

If a student would like to take a “Leave of Absence”, they must submit an email to their program manager with their reason for request, expected return date and initial date of request. This does not automatically ensure Qwasar’s approval and is not considered valid until approval has been granted. A leave of absence may not exceed 60 days and only one will be granted for any given student during a 12-month rolling enrollment period. Upon approval, no tuition is due until the student returns. The Student may resume the program at any time, but in the event the student resumes the program before the expected return date, tuition fees become payable. Upon return, the student must meet with their program manager to re-establish course completion goals.

Behavior & Harassment Policy

Qwasar Silicon Valley provides a community open to all students, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religion. It is the responsibility of everyone in the Qwasar community, both students and staff, to uphold these standards and provide a supportive and inclusive community where everyone is welcome. 

We expect everyone to be considerate and respectful of those around them and always refrain from discriminatory or harassing behavior and speech. This prohibited behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Offensive comments related to someone’s gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability
  • Inappropriate advances towards others in the community
  • Stalking or Intimidating others

Any of the above behaviors are considered harassment and grounds for immediate removal from Qwasar Silicon Valley.

Students Rights and Grievances Policy

Qwasar Silicon Valley strives to help support you in your educational journey! In the event you have a concern, you have a right to file a formal complaint or grievance. You can find more information about these procedures below; please contact your program manager if you have a concern not addressed here.

Academic Appeal

If you disagree with a grade or peer correction we first encourage you to work with your corrector to resolve the issue. In the event that you cannot reach a conclusion, please contact your Program Manager with your reasons for appealing the decision. This must be done within one (1) month of receiving your initial grade.

Discriminatory or Harassing Behavior

Qwasar seeks to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all those in our community and takes any allegations of harassment or discriminatory behavior very seriously.

If you have had an encounter where you experienced or saw this behavior occurred, we encourage you to report it to your local Program Manager through email. We will thoroughly investigate and take action appropriately.

In the event the complaint is against a Qwasar employee, please contact Jennifer Robertson ([email protected]) with your grievance. If your complaint is specifically against the designated point of contact, in this case Jennifer, then please contact your Program Manager for information on how to proceed with your complaint.