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Skills + experience to access software engineer jobs

We’re on a mission

Qwasar is on a mission to train millions for the digital world and to make education accessible. There’s no better place to start than Oakland, CA. We use our deep experience, innovative software platform, and community-oriented programs to help people become software engineers.

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There’s a Gap. It Sucks,

Many recent graduates from college, university, bootcamps, and more are finding it really difficult to get a job, especially in the Bay Area. That’s because there’s a gap between graduate skills and entry-level job requirements.

There’s hope!

We’re bridging the gap between recent graduates and entry-level software engineering jobs in the Bay Area (and beyond!).

We got you.

We’ve been building innovative software engineer training programs for the last 20 years: we’re the experts in the industry. We’ve won some top-level awards, but more importantly, we know how to get people into Tier 1 and 2 tech companies. We know how to train you with the skills, experience, and interview confidence that employers want.

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Get to Silicon Valley Standards

We know how to train you to Silicon Valley standards. They are undoubtedly the highest standards in the world for software engineer jobs. We know the technical skills, soft skills, and interview skills that employers want as well as how to structure your resume. No other training program has re-designed their learning system to actually develop the workplace skills employers want.

The Junior Software Engineer Fellows Program

In light of the gap between graduates and the workplace, we’ve built the Junior Software Engineer Fellows program, a training program designed to raise the skills, technical competencies, portfolio, work experience, and interview skills of people with a coding background or programming experience.

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Major Program Elements

1. Software Projects

A large part of your training and experience will be completing software projects. Some are ones that we have created and others will be real-world software projects. Projects become increasingly more complex and difficult.

2. Experience

Part of our program is being able to show that you have software experience in two forms: a line item on your resume and a strong technical portfolio. Through our program, you build a strong portfolio in the area in which you want a job and you put Junior Software Engineer Fellow on your resume.

3. Job Process Preparation

Included in the program is our technical interview preparation with resume and LinkedIn profile review. You’ll complete up to 40 technical interviews and 40 exercises as you prepare for job applications. We also encourage you to build your network through local events, hackathons, and meetups.

Technical Interview Preparation

You’ll practice technical interviews as both an interviewee and an interviewer to understand what employers are looking for and how to best succeed at these interviews. You’ll gain confidence, learn the interview structure, and practice so that you can succeed in the real world.

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Program Cost

The full-time program is $200/month and takes place in person in Oakland from Monday to Friday.

The part-time Saturday program is $100/month and is remote during the week then in person in Oakland on Saturdays.

The part-time Weekday program is $100/month and is in-person from 9-5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Oakland then remote the rest of the week.

Part-time Weekday or Weekend Available

The Junior Software Engineer Fellows program has two formats: Part-time Saturday or Part-time Weekday. The part-time Weekday program runs Tuesdays and Thursday from 9-5 (ish) at our Oakland office and remote the rest of the time. The part-time Saturday program is remote during the week and in-person on Saturdays at our Oakland office. The part-time program will take longer about 12-15 months to complete, but participants are super motivated despite their working lives.

For full-time options, please contact Jennifer directly at jennifer (at) sv01.io

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What Your Day-to-day Looks Like

Just like a job as a software engineer or developer, you will be working on software projects, sometimes individually but mostly in groups, completing peer code reviews and having your code reviewed, and generally coding all day long. There are no classes with teachers, and instead, you’re engaged in the work you’re doing, learning as you go and being resourceful within the Qwasar community.

Upcoming Start Dates

Part-time Weekday program: April 14, 2020

Part-time Saturday program: April 11, 2020

Application Process

To apply, send your resume to Jennifer at jennifer (at) sv01.io. Or complete our application form. From there, you will do an interview with a Qwasar team member, and based on your coding experience and what you want to do, we will notify you if you are invited to enroll in the program.

Questions? Contact Us

If you have questions and would like to speak to us, please email Jennifer directly at jennifer (at) sv01.io or complete the Contact Qwasar form.

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