Last-Mile Training 1

Transition to the workplace

Gain 6-12+ months of work experience & train for work as a software engineer
Bridge the gap between education and the workplace:
gain real work experience to access "entry-level" jobs.
Last-Mile Training 2
Last-Mile Training 3

You gotta commit: work + training

You will be expected to work 30+ hours per week and complete our training program. The program includes ongoing technical interviews, resume, project-based learning for new skills, role-play exercises for developing soft skills, and building an appropriate coding portfolio.

Last-Mile Training 4

Apply to join the program

Last-Mile Training 4

Work for us for 6-12 months

Last-Mile Training 4

Complete workplace training

Last-Mile Training 4

Gain 1 year experience

Last-Mile Training 4

Apply to job in industry

Entry requirements
(hint: no degree required)

Our goal is to create pathways to the workforce. It doesn't matter if you don't have a degree: we're looking for passion, knowledge of web and mobile development, and a desire to become a software engineer. You must be willing (and able) to learn! If you think you're already an expert, please don't apply. We're looking for people who happily contribute to our community.

Last-Mile Training 9