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Technical Interview Preparation

Get the support, practice, and technical interview preparation you need to get a software engineering job or pass the technical interview with Triplebyte.
Join a community of engineers looking to prepare for and practice technical interviews to get an internship or job. Complete 40 exercises and 40 interviews in 8 weeks that cover 12 areas of technical interviews.

Cohort Start Date: December 7, 2019


Technical Interview Preparation Course

Our technical interview preparation course is designed to help engineers prepare for and pass technical interviews as they apply for jobs as software engineers, and in particular, is designed to help engineers pass Triplebyte's technical interview to begin interviewing with tech companies in the area. The course is a mixture of hands-on work and projects with 12 different subject-specific interviews, both of which aim to develop key skills for successful interviews.

Technical Interview Preparation 2

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Technical Interview Preparation 2

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Technical Interview Preparation 2

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Technical Interview Preparation 2

Complete 5 exercises per week.

Technical Interview Preparation 2

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Commitment and Workload

Our course is designed to last 8 weeks part-time, namely to accommodate people who have jobs or limited availability. Participants will complete 5 interviews and 5 coding exercises or mini-projects per week for a total of 40 interviews and 40 exercises.

This program runs on Saturdays for 4 hours in person in San Francisco at 360 Lab and remotely during the week. Program participants will complete exercises and interviews during the week online or using video conferencing such as Skype. This accommodates flexible schedules and encourages professional communication amongst participants.

Psst! Not in the Bay Area? Tell us you're interested in a location near you or sign up for program updates when we announce the next location!

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Project-based learning

Exercises are like mini-projects. You’re given coding challenges to make sure you’re up to speed on relevant topics and confident in your abilities.

Practice & Repetition

Interview confidence is directly related to what you’re capable of and what you know you can do, which is why practice and repetition are important. Practice helps reduce anxiety during real interviews.

Role Play

We use interview role play where participants will both be the interviewee and the interviewer. This dual-sided perspective is unique to our program & helps build better interviewees.


Getting a job can be tough and an emotional rollercoaster. We’re here to build a supportive learning community to help you own your transition into a software engineer role.

Why the Qwasar + Triplebyte Partnership

25K Engineers

Kwame, one of Qwasar’s co-founders, has founded and built software engineer schools globally that have trained about 25,000 software engineers to date.

One of those engineers happens to be the co-founder of Triplebyte. Having experienced the effectiveness of learning by doing, Triplebyte have partnered with Qwasar and together developed our technical interview preparation program so that more talented developers can get the jobs they’re looking for.


Learn by Doing

Being good at technical interviews isn’t something you’ll learn by reading a book or watching a video. You need to DO them!

Mastery-based Learning

We use mastery-based learning: you need to master the 12 subject areas covered in technical interviews. The point isn’t to pass; it’s to be confident and able to use the skills required for software engineer jobs.

The Problem-solving Process

Program participants develop or brush up on their skills in problem solving and learn to think of it as a process. Participants will complete different exercises in order to learn problem-solving in three major areas: algorithms, data structures, and architecture.

The Interview Process

During an interview, interviewers are looking for different approaches, solutions, and methods of thinking. Program participants will learn how to tackle an interview, the standard interview process, and how to evaluate and decide the best angle of attack in a given interview.

Through practice and role play, students learn the importance of communicating through text and speech what’s going on in their minds. Often, the point is to communicate WHAT is going on in your head and the questions you have, HOW you approach and solve a problem, and WHY you chose brute force vs an optimized solution.

White Boarding

Participants will practice the art of whiteboarding – another exercise in communication. Students will learn to structure their thinking and how the whiteboard is a tool through which to communicate as well as to solve a problem and demonstrate your skills.

Mock Interviews

Practicing interviews by video conference and in person are important means of preparing and feeling less anxious for real interviews. Participants will put into practice their problem-solving skills and technical know-how, practicing interviews that focus on data structures, algorithms, and architecture.

technical interview preparation program

Arrays & trings

  • Searching algorithms, rolling hash
  • Data structures (hash, arrays)

Lists, Stacks, & Queues

  • Printing, traversing, using Link list (different types)
  • Implementing stacks & queues

Sorting Algorithms

  • Space and time complexity for multiple different sorting algorithms
  • Different sorting algorithm implementation

Trees & Graphs

  • Printing, traversing, and using trees and graphs

Bit Manipulation

  • Bitwise operations and optimization
  • XOR magic

Recursive Programming

  • Dynamic and recursive solutions

Recursive n^2 and Greedy Algorithms

  • Lots of greed!


  • All types of algorithms
  • When to use which algorithm and why

Networking & Cloud

  • Kubernetes
  • Scala
  • AWS/Cloud computing

Databases & SQL

  • asdf


  • asdf

Each week on Saturdays, participants will be paired with other program participants and, at times, with professional Software Engineers, to practice technical interviews on the day’s given subject. At the end of each 4-hr session, there will be a time to debrief.

At the beginning of each week, students will be assigned 4 interviews to complete during the week and it’s up to the participants to decide upon a date and time. Interviews must take place before the following Saturday session.

Each week, participants will have 5 coding exercises to complete online. These are access through our software in which students can complete the exercises.

Exercises will be auto-graded as well as reviewed to ensure your code is up to speed and for you to receive feedback on your work. This is part of the learning process.

Participants must commit to a full 8 weeks including every Saturday for 4 hours and 6 hours during the week to conduct 6 interviews. Additionally, each week, participants will have 5 exercises to complete before Friday at midnight.

If you use Triplebyte to be recruited, there is no cost for this program. We take a share of the recruiting fee to cover the cost of this program.

If you do NOT use Triplebyte but instead find a job by yourself, the cost of this program is $2,490 which is due AFTER you find a job.

This program is currently only open to applicants who have a background in coding or software engineering and are able to commute to the Bay Area on Saturday mornings.

We are in the process of expanding!

Technical interviews are part of the job application process for software engineer jobs. They are a means of understanding the hard and soft skills of a potential employee. The challenge is that getting good at interviews requires practicing the entire experience, not just completing exercises at home on your computer. This program is designed to develop confidence and interviewing skills to help candidates increase their chances of getting hired during the interview process.

This program focuses on problem-solving skills, communication skills including how to use whiteboards during an interview, and technical skills in the 12 major areas typically covered in interview exercises.

This program is based on previous tests and “experiments” our founders have been trying out over the last few years. Our experience told us that students needed significant practice in actually doing interviews before they achieved success in real-world interviews. Students who practiced technical interviews did better overall in the job application and interview process than those who had not prepared or practiced. Out of this experience, we created the Technical Interview Preparation program in combination with Triplebyte.

We understand that participants have lives and may have pre-established commitments such as weddings or work travel. Participants can miss one Saturday, but are still expected to complete their exercises and interviews for both the week before and the week after the missed Saturday. Participants must notify the program administrator at least one week in advance that they will not be present on a given Saturday.

If program participants find a job without passing through Triplebyte, students will be required to pay $2490 to Qwasar for their participation in the Technical Interview Preparation Program AFTER you get a new job. If you have additional questions, please speak with us directly.

No, there is no pre-program coursework.

Participants in this program have all passed the Triplebyte online tests and thus have a minimum technical skill level. Currently, this program is not open to anyone who has not passed the Triplebyte test.

We are looking to expand this program beyond San Francisco. You can tell us if there’s a particular location you think we should come to, or you can sign up for updates as we announce upcoming and future locations for this program.

We may also run the program online. If you’re interested in being part of a pilot program, sign up for program updates.