Qwasar Accreditation

Qwasar accreditation means we’re a college at Woolf, a global collegiate Higher Education Institution.

Qwasar has partnered with Woolf, a global collegiate Higher Education Institution. Woolf is a fully-accredited collegiate institution modeled on the University of Oxford, Delhi University, and University of California.

Qwasar is a college within the Woolf global collegiate institution.

Sample Master's Degree Certificate

Students who complete the Master’s program curriculum will earn a degree (see sample certificate above.

About Woolf

Woolf is a fully-accredited higher education institution dedicated to academic excellence, and is the first global, collegiate higher education institution allowing qualified education organisations to seek membership as new colleges. Woolf exists to increase access to world-class higher education and ensure it is globally recognized and transferable. Woolf promotes academic excellence and maintains values that are humane, democratic and international.

Woolf and its colleges operate within the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), the largest and most sophisticated accreditation system in the world.  Degrees are recognized in over 50 countries, including by treaty obligation in all the members of the European Higher Education Area, as well as the United States and Canada.

In Europe, Woolf and its colleges (of which Qwasar is one) are recognized within the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), which allows for the transportability of higher education credits and degrees within the European Union. 

Our Academic Board

Qwasar’s academic board verifies degrees before they are awarded and provides input into our curriculum and pedagogy.


Dr. Mehdi Amini

Distinguished Engineer, NVIDIA

After a PhD in automatic parallelization for graphics processing units from MINES ParisTech, Mehdi Amini has been working on Clang/LLVM at Apple where he authored ThinLTO (link time optimization) for scalable link-time optimizations. After taking a break from compilers to work on Tesla Autopilot for a while, he joined Google to be one of the main architects behind the MLIR (framework for compiler development) project. Now he’s a distinguished engineer at NVIDIA contributing to Deep Learning Frameworks.

Mehdi is considered an expert in High Performance Computing, has two Master’s in addition to his PhD, and is always interested in emerging technology, including hardware and GPUs!


Fun fact:
Did you know LLVM is approaching 1.5M of lines of C++, and Clang is over 1M! Compilers are beasts.

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Dr. Tiphaine Liu

Researcher & Professor, ESCP Business School

Tiphaine Liu, a distinguished researcher and educator in the field of Education Sciences, brings exceptional expertise to ESCP Business School Paris. Holding a Ph.D. in Education Sciences, she stands out for her passion for designing innovative training and her commitment to cooperative ethics.

As a teacher, she inspires and guides bright minds at ESCP, thus shaping the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. Her teaching skills are bolstered by her role as a researcher at the Professional Training and Learning Laboratory (FoAP), where she contributes to advancing knowledge in the field of learning and professional development.

Furthermore, Tiphaine Liu is an influential voice as a member of the editorial board of the prestigious journal “Entreprendre & Innover,” where she contributes to the dissemination of innovative research and the evolution of entrepreneurial practices.

Her journey exemplifies a profound commitment to education, innovation, and ethics, making her an outstanding educator and researcher who is shaping the future of higher education and entrepreneurship.

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Get an overview of some of the innovative and industry-leading elements of our learning platform.

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