Corporate Discounted Tuition:
Raise the Engineering Standard on Your Teams

Corporate discounts for our Master’s of Computer Science that encourage your engineers to upskill.

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Offer Corporate Discounted Tuition for Our MSCS with $0 Cost to You

Qwasar partners with companies to offer corporate discounts for our part-time Master’s of Computer Science program. The discounts do not cost your company anything, but instead encourage your employees to upskill.

You share the opportunity with your employees as a benefit. If you have tuition benefits, employees often en up paying <$5K for a MSCS.

Work Full Time, Study Part Time

Based on a 21st-century learning model and demand, we offer a part-time Master’s of Computer Science for working professionals. This allows employees to continue working while upskilling in their free time.

Program meetings are Tuesday evenings and Saturdays. The MSCS program takes 24 months to complete.

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Raise the Bar Among Your Engineers

Our Master’s degree program is 85% coding, 15% lectures, meaning your engineers and developers gain significant hands-on experience in a lot of languages and tools.

We cover a significant amount of C programming, difficult engineering situations, and aim to develop Staff-level engineers early. This includes:

  • writing high quality code efficiently
  • rigor, and imposing it on others
  • implementing best practices
  • highly structured problem solving skills
  • strong decision-making skills, in the face of trade offs
  • depth of technical comprehension
  • strong leaders and sense of ownership
  • deep specialization in a particular area
Great engineers are great problem solvers, which takes rigor, discipline, and practice. Those who gain a depth of technical comprehension along with a maturity in their craft will be of greater value to your company.

3 Specializations Available

Our MSCS degree offers students 3 specialization options:

Software Engineering

SWE focuses on backend engineering, Linux, Unix, operating systems, memory, network programming, parallel programming, distributed computing, C, Assembly, and a modern language of choice: Rust, Go, C++, or Java.

AI/Machine Learning

AI/ML focuses on algorithms, prediction models, neural networks, and eventually, honing in on a particular area such as computer vision, LLMs, image detection, recommendation systems, etc.

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack focuses on end-to-end full stack development, using modern languages for the back end and front end, as well as common databases and database design. Students cover 6+ languages, 5+ frameworks, and common cloud tools.

Customizeable Degree Concentations

Learners will narrow the focus of their specialization to a specific subject area, enabling them to hone their specialty through 3 major projects in the second half of the degree: the thesis, the capstone, and open-source contributions.


Students write a paper (and can use GenAI) on a specific topic, and must present findings including those from recent academic papers and research. There is also a required 20-minute presentation where students present their findings.


The largest project of the program accounting for 30% of their grade, the capstone project is the piece de resistance and major portfolio project. Projects must be challenging, intensive, and of significant difficulty.

An example is building a car-to-car communication system that removes the need for stop signs.

Open-source Contributions

Students are also required to contribute to an open-source project. This could be adding a feature, solving a particularly difficult bug, or solving 20+ tickets. Students gain exposure to large code bases, reading code from the general public, and what it’s like to work with open-source software.


Corporate Tuition Discount

We offer a corporate tuition discount that you can offer to your eligible employees. Discounts mean the average range of the MSCS program is $10,000-13,000.

Employees must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in any subject, and have a minimum level of coding competency. If they’re hired as a SWE or developer at your company, they’re eligible for this program.

The discount doesn’t cost your company anything, but is rather a benefit you offer your employees. We want you to encourage them to pursue additional education and benefit from a Master’s degree!

For more information about corporate discounts, please contact us.

Modern Learning Model

Unlike 99% of Master’s programs that are designed for academia, our contemporary Master’s program is focused on skill development, building competency, and a modern learning model.

Great engineers don’t become great through lectures and exams. They spend 10,000+ hours coding. Our modern learning model reflects modern learning science and is specifically designed to develop skills companies want in their engineers.

We use a combination of projects, peer code reviews, Engineering Labs, engineering case studies, pair programming, open-source contributions, guest lectures from industry, and the capstone project.

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Modern Learning Model

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