Modern Learning

Learning designed for the 21st-century

Traditional universities are great – if you want to go into academia.
If you want a job, you need a more modern approach focused on skills, not exams.

Companies want engineers with skills, proof of competency, and who can pass technical interviews

Companies demand a lot for entry-level engineer and developer roles. They are risk-averse and want competent people. This means that:

  • you need a strong technical portfolio
  • you need proven experience with languages, tools, etc.
  • you need technical interview skills

Traditional programs focus on:


But companies want:

Completed projects
Hands-on experience

Qwasar is the First Modern College of Engineering

Passive learning is individual, does not require collaboration, communication, or solving problems. Information is provided to you, and there the engagement required is low. This is literally the opposite of work in the digital economy, particularly for software engineers, product managers, and digital marketers.

Just like sports, music, surgery, carpentry, and so much more, you don’t learn skills by sitting in a classroom, listening to a lecture, or watching a video. You learn by DOING. You learn through practice, trial and error, by developing more efficient methods for problem solving after getting frustrated over and over again at your inefficient problem-solving. No type of passive learning will develop 21st-century skills.

The Traditional Education System Dates back to 1088!

Believe it or not, but the traditional education system dates back to around 1088 when the first university was established. The next one took more than 100 years to form.

It was really the 14-16th century that universities took off.

In the US, it wasn’t until the 1800s that things began.

Access to knowledge was severely limited in these days, so the system was designed to pass down knowledge.

traditional not modern learning

Today, Knowledge is Accessible and Developing Skills Requires Modern Learning

Access to knowledge has changed dramatically over the last 15 years. Not just search engines, Stack Overflow, and YouTube, but now Generative AI is changing how easy it is to find and consume knowledge.

This means that our value as humans is no longer about what we know, but what we can do – and that means skills.


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"Doing a degree is nothing compared to this. In school it’s only theory but you don’t really understand it. Theory is important, but then the theory starts catching up with the practical, and that’s what you need. That’s where you have to actually build the architecture, see the trends, think on a high level and how to architect a solution."
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