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The Qwasar Learning Platform

Powerful learning software designed and built
for the 21st century and beyond.
Everything about our platform is designed for the 21st-century, from how learning works, to our use of automation and data, to the technologies on which we've built our platform.
Learning Model in Qwasar Learning Platform

A Proprietary Learning Model "Algorithm"

Thanks to our decades of experience, we have developed a unique learning "algorithm," a specific combination and pattern of how learning works, what elements occur when, and the order in which they occur. We use a combination or projects, exercises, and role play combined with gamification, community, and repetition that optimizes the level of mastery attained by a learner and the speed with which they attain it.

No one else has developed or implemented such a model, let alone built software that facilitates such learning and automates as much as possible.

Our system has a built in autocorrection system for many of our exercises and projects. This is in addition to the peer correction system that fosters an advanced-to-younger learner review for submitted work.

Additionally, we've building an automated exercise and project subject generation system using AI, natural language processing, and machine learning. We hope to make the platform enjoyable for learners who keep coming back to learn more skills by keeping the content fresh.

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qwasar learning platform integrated development environment

In order to make coding more accessible and to reflect the methods that some Tier 1 tech companies have already adopted, we’ve built an IDE: integrated development environment. This means that learners can code in a web browser and do not need to download additional software in order to code.

Since everything is in the cloud, and because user experience is important, all work is saved and re-loaded so learners don’t lose their work despite working in an IDE.

Much of recruiting is inefficient, especially when it comes to finding technical talent. To address this pain, we created a system with people search optimization. Recruiters and employers can find people based on verified skills, view their work and projects, and look at their code.

We’re combining data with visualization to make it faster and easier for recruiting talent, no matter where they are in the world.

The Qwasar Learning Platform 2