Professional Applied Courses in Engineering

Discover our affordable, college-level courses and career pathways.

Discover Our Courses

Combine our courses into pathways designed to support career switchers or people looking to become professional engineers.

Introductory to Intermediate C Programming Course

Arrays, pointers, pointers on pointers, memory management, structs – get started with C programming and move to an intermediate coding level.

Advanced C Programming Course

Implement advanced algorithms, optimize for speed and performance, rebuild malloc, work with compilers….step up your game with serious C projects.

Rust Programming Course

Go deeper into Rust, beyond simple exercises, to rebuilding tokio, using crates and cargo, and implementing various parallel programming projects.

Intermediate Full Stack Development Course

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, JavaScript, Node.JS, database design, Flexbox, WordPress & PHP, & challenging full stack applications from scratch.

Intermediate Data Science

Put your Python skills to the test with increasingly challenging and complex data science projects, building up to predictive models and machine learning.

Data Structures and Algorithms Course

Feel like you suck at Leetcode? Try out 4-step course to get a whole lot better at DS&A. Complete assignments, tests, coding exercises, timed coding challenges, and technical interviews.

Tech Talent Programs silicon valley standards

Silicon Valley Standards

Qwasar specializes in training learners to Silicon Valley standards. No other provider has yet succeeded in giving learners the opportunity to develop the breadth and depth of technical skills, knowledge, and software experience.

In a global digital economy, it’s important to be able to compete on the global stage and with other top-level talent.

Where do you dream of working?

Qwasar programs are tough, hard work, but an incredible opportunity to fuel a career in the tech world.

Discover Our Career Pathways

Combine our courses into pathways designed to support career switchers or people looking to become professional engineers.

Software Engineering Pathway

Top-level back-end focus on building great software.

Full Stack Developer Pathway

Front-end and back-end development, web and app development.

Qwasar Silicon Valley Full Stack Development

AI/Machine Learning Engineer Pathway

Machine learning, data, algorithms, and more.

Qwasar Silicon Valley machine learning engineer program

Data Science Pathway

Top-level data science program for all-round data skills.

DevOps and Cloud Engineer Pathway

Cloud engineering and DevOps focus on infrastructure, monitoring, and automation.

Claris App Developer Pathway

Develop stylish apps in a low-code development platform.

Qwasar Silicon Valley cloud engineering program

In C, you have to create a lot of things manually that other languages have like memory allocation. I better understand C++ now.

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Our Science

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Our Cutting-edge Platform

Get an overview of some of the innovative and industry-leading elements of our learning platform.

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Pricing/Program Costs

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