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Limited Scholarship Opportunities

As part of our mission to train millions and to make education accessible, we are launching scholarships, starting March 1, 2021. These are limited opportunities for learners in the United States. We hope to expand our scholarship opportunities in the coming years.

While we actively make an effort already to make education affordable, we also want to extend opportunities for those who cannot afford our programs and who are serious and passionate about software engineering!

Hidden Genius Project

In support of our friends at the Hidden Genius Project, we’re offering full scholarships to geniuses, alumni, and their family. We’re a good follow-on option from HGP’s programs, continuing project-based  and hands-on learning.

You may apply to any of our programs in full stack development, Claris app development, software engineering, AI/ML, and cloud engineering.

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The Randy Picolet Scholarship

In honor of Randy Picolet, we are offering a full program scholarship to a resident of East Bay, outside of the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Randy was a close friend of Qwasar, a very good engineer, and he used to be a teacher. He had a passion for hands-on learning and spent many years in East Bay.

This scholarship is only for applicants to our Software Engineering program.

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How to Apply

To apply for a scholarship, please complete our scholarship application form.

You do not need to complete a program application form in addition to a scholarship application.

Once we’ve received your application, you will schedule an interview with our program manager who will contact you via email.

We may ask for some additional information and/or a letter of recommendation.

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Our Science

Take at look at some of the learning and behavioural science behind our programs and platform.

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Our Cutting-edge Platform

Get an overview of some of the innovative and industry-leading elements of our learning platform.

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Contact Us

For all questions, inquiries, or to contact a team member at Qwasar.