Join our Learning Community

Transfer from 42 Silicon Valley and maintain Silicon Valley credentials.

We Invite You to Transfer!

As current, former, or potential 42 students, we invite you to join the Qwasar community.
It is our hope to smooth the closing of 42’s Fremont campus. Here are some transfer options:


Current students, learners who are still enrolled in the 42 curriculum (old or new), can join Qwasar programs, with the option of direct entry depending on what level you are. Your first month is free.

More advanced students who are applying for jobs can join our Technical Interview Preparation Program to practice and prepare for the job application process.

We already have 42 students who have joined us, so we’d love to have you too!


Transfer your progress at 42 into a certification from Qwasar Silicon Valley. We will honor completed levels/projects and translate them into the corresponding certificate from Qwasar. The certificate(s) can be used on LInkedIn, your resume, etc.

Alumni are also welcome to study part-time with Qwasar, do direct entry based on your experience level, and/or join our Technical Interview Preparation Program. Your first month is free.


If you have passed the piscine but have not yet been able to start at 42 Silicon Valley, we invite you to join a Qwasar program starting directly in Season 1. We already have multiple students who have joined us after the realized that 42 would not reopen in 2020.


If you are yet to complete the piscine (or want to try again!), you can sign up for an equivalent at Qwasar called the Pre-season. Dates for this will be announced shortly. The pre-season will be offered for free to those who sign up through the form on the link below which will be available until the end of 2020.


If you were previously a student at 42 Silicon Valley and you would like to pick up your studies again, you can apply to join a Qwasar program with a possibility of direct entry, depending on the level/projects you completed during your time at 42.

Our learning methods are slightly different so there isn’t the same time pressure.


If you were on track to participate in the Claris/FileMaker program, you can still participate in this program through Qwasar Silicon Valley. More information is available on our Low Code App Developer Program page. Apply via the Qwasar website.


The Importance of Community

One of the greatest parts of 42 Silicon Valley was the community. While the building and campus are closed, we believe strongly that the essence of a learning community lives on.

Building an online learning community requires virtual meetings, methods for engagements, clear commitments, and spending time getting to know each other using tools such as video conferencing.

An online curriculum is good, but to succeed, we need to learn together, to support each other, and to go through the ups and downs together. That is what we’ve built at Qwasar.

A Letter from Kwame

As a co-founder of 42, Kwame shares why he co-founded Qwasar, his vision for the world, and why education like this should be accessible and global.

About Qwasar - Kwame Yamgnane

A Letter from Gaëtan

Hear from 42 Silicon Valley’s ex-interim director, CTO, and CAO on why a learning community is important, why he’s excited about our curricula, and why Silicon Valley standards are so important.

About Qwasar - Gaetan Juvin

Please note: Qwasar is not free.

Qwasar does not currently offer programs for free.

Our programs are $100/month part-time and $200/month full-time.

We are doing our best to keep programs affordable. Additionally, we believe strongly that there is significant
increase in motivation when you pay for a learning program. Motivation is one of the major keys to learning.
Many learners work part-time or full-time to support themselves and still attend Qwasar successfully.

Our Programs, Platform, and Learning Experience

Learning Community 30


Qwasar Silicon Valley currently offers 5 programs:

Software Engineering
Full Stack Development
ML/AI Engineering
Cloud Engineering
Data Science

low code app development exercises


We use a custom learning platform built by Kwame and Gaëtan that facilitates the learning experience, projects, autocorrection, peer reviews, and role plays.

low code app development Projects


Discover more about the learning experience, what to expect, and why it’s important to create a learning community online

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When you join Qwasar, you join a learning community, both global and local. Our program meetings keep things personal and create a supportive but challenging environment while our integrated chat and git fuel a global learning community.

What Are the Differences?

Here are some of the major differences between the programs:

  • a significant focus on the order of projects and exercises so that the cognitive step between them isn’t too big
  • strong focus on learning community and working to build that community
  • project deadlines and project calendar to pace your progress
  • full-time or part-time options with specific committed days you’re expected to attend
  • extensive technical interview preparation and resume review (our TIP Program) with career support in the US and Canada
  • Specific virtual meetings that you commit to – you get to know others, work together, and support your learning journeys
  • Structured peer reviews
  • An accessible autocorrection system that helps you learn
  • And more!
low code app development career support

Our Vision

At Qwasar, we have a global vision to train millions for the digital world and to make that training accessible. Our platform is accessible from a Chromebook, fully in the cloud, and built to scale. We’re convinced that project-based learning and peer learning are fundamental for learning the skills required to succeed in today’s world. We see enormous opportunity to expand our programs and for learners to contribute to the platform itself.

Qwasar is a learning community and one that we hope is the foundation of life-long learning for our community members. We want you to be able to stay with the community and learn new technologies, languages, frameworks, and tools as technology continues to evolve and develop.

We want to automate so much more, autogenerate profiles for recruitment, and provide data points that are of interest to recruiters to help you get recruiter and gain employment. We’re on a mission to build the world’s most powerful, innovative platform for learning that fuels the digital world.

Good Luck!

Whether you join Qwasar or not, we want to wish you the best of luck in your learning and career journey.

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Our Science

Take at look at some of the learning and behavioural science behind our programs and platform.

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Our Programs

Discover programs available at Qwasar including start dates and curricula.

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Contact Us

For all questions, inquiries, or to contact a team member at Qwasar.


Why do you have specific programs not one program?
Industry and employers are looking for specific skills in these major areas, and the languages, tools, and frameworks differ by area. As a result, we’ve designed programs that align to industry needs and demands, increasing your attractiveness as a candidate and your likeliness of getting a job thanks to an applicable technical portfolio and skill set.

What certifications are available and how are transfers for alumni ‘calculated’?
We have 5 major certifications available: Software Engineer Fundamentals (Season 1), Software Engineer Intermediate (Season 2), Software Engineer Advanced (Season 3), Elite Software Engineer Program Certificate, and Elite Full Stack Developer Program Certificate. We essentially map your progress at 42 and your in-industry experience with our curriculum.

Can I join from outside the US?
Yes though attendance at a minimum of 2 meetings is required, so some time zones will be naturally excluded until we expand our programs globally. Prices are still in USD.

What hardware do I need to do this program?
You will need a computer or laptop, and a working webcam and microphone. Our system works on a Chromebook.

Should I join if I don’t want to participate in virtual meetings?
In short, no. If you are not interested in participating in meetings and being part of a community, then Qwasar is not for you. We’re interested in people who actively contribute and learn together.

Do you offer scholarships?
We do not offer scholarships right now.

Is there a minimum commitment in terms of number of months?
For 42 students transferring into Qwasar, no, there is not a minimum commitment. For new learners who join – those who have passed the piscine – then yes, there is a minimum 3-month commitment. Please bear in mind that we are looking for learners who are actively looking to join a community, learn together, and contribute.

Why do you have an advisory board?
Our advisors are so much more experienced than us in many areas of operating a business and running an organization. Their expertise and experience helps us to make smarter decisions, prioritize, and be accountable for the decisions that we make as a management team. Each of them has a passion for what we do, and for the mission and vision of Qwasar.

Do I get a certificate upon completing a program?

What happens if I gain employment before I finish a program?
Then we shall celebrate! Since our program is pay-monthly, then once you gain employment and you wish to pause your learning, then you will no longer owe your monthly program fee.

When are the daily meetings?
For our full-time program, meetings are Monday to Friday at 9:15am PT as well as 4pm PT on Thursdays.
For our part-time program on Tuesdays and Thursdays, meetings are at 9:15am PT, 11:45am PT, and 4pm PT.
For our part-time program on Saturdays, meetings at at 9:30am PT, 11:45am PT, and 3pm PT.
Attending meetings is mandatory, as if you were part of an engineering team and you had to attend a daily standup. You can miss occasional meetings for things like dentist appointments but you’re expected to let us know ahead of time that you will be absent.