Upskill and Reskill

Imagine a new world where talent is more flexible and skills-based training aligned to jobs enables talent mobility.

upskill existing talent

Upskill Existing Talent to Silicon Valley Standards

Make use of your existing workforce and upskill talent using skills-based training. Say goodbye to knowledge-transfer training programs and start using training that reflects what learners will actually do in their job.

Today’s workforce is about skills and tomorrow’s workforce is about the capacity to learn, flexibility, and complexity. MOOCs and instructor-led trainings won’t develop the real skills your employees need, nor will they reduce product development timelines. You need do-ers and people who have experience in their area.

Use tracks in the Qwasar platform to upskill existing engineering talent into jobs that are the most in demand for your team and company.


Fill Talent Gaps

Many companies have a shortage of highly trained tech talent, especially software engineers, machine learning engineers, and data scientists. Our specialty lies in providing training up to Silicon Valley standards in these areas.

Use our training to fill your talent gaps. Upskill software interns or junior engineers into higher level, more challenging and needed positions. Upskill software engineers into AI & machine learning roles, or upskill data analysts into data scientists/engineers. You could even quickly upskill math major graduates into data science or machine learning roles.

Start seeing the existing talent pool as opportunities to quickly upskill and fill your talent gaps faster, cheaper, and to a higher level.

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upskill and eliminate skills gap

Eliminate Skills Gap

Thanks to our learning design and new learning universe, everything learners do is hands-on, skills-based, and aligned to what they will actually do in a job. Our programs focus on SKILLS, not knowledge or regurgitation.

With a mastery and skills-based learning system, what matters is what learners are capable of doing, just as it would be on the job.

Stop teaching recruits on the job and wasting time training for how to use git repositories, how to translate project descriptions into software architecture, writing readable code, doing code reviews, handling complex projects, or how to design and implement a scalable infrastructure for large and complex data sets. Stop relying on traditional education or learning methods that focus on knowledge but are light on real-world, on-the-job skills.

Value for Bottom Line

There’s a big difference between knowledge-based learning and skills-based learning. In the tech world, one translates much better than the other into bottom-line value: the ability to do, build, code, execute, avoid project disasters and delays, make decisions, evaluate trade-offs, and use previous software project experience to deliver work today.

Learners who have already practiced and successfully performed at professional standards will deliver products up to 6x faster, make better decisions, and ultimately cost your company less money overall.

This translates to a significant positive impact on your bottom line compared to knowledge-focused training.

upskill similar skilled workers

Upskill Similar Skilled Workers

Analyze the skills of your existing workforce, and you’ll quickly identify areas of overlap between logical, detail-oriented, and analytical roles and the world of software. As jobs and parts of jobs globally become automated and shifts in the workforce occur, upskill similar skilled workers into in-demand tech roles.

Train accountants or lawyers in software engineering, data science, or machine learning, using their existing skillset in other areas and adding the skills and knowledge they lack.

Have you considered that paying an entire year of training with Qwasar (which is more than enough time) while still paying a reduced salary to your employees is cheaper than trying to recruit new tech talent.

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Tracks and Programs Available

Contact us to learn more about which tracks are available, their duration and their cost.

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Experiential Learning Platform data science program


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