Talent Sourcing for Software Roles

Recruit high quality software & software engineering talent. Source talent that fits your needs and recruit directly from our programs on your schedule.

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We Help With Talent Sourcing for Software Roles

Qwasar is one of the nation’s premier sources for high quality engineering talent. We’re highly respected among Silicon Valley companies and Tier 1 Tech companies.

Finding graduates is easy. Finding work-ready quality engineers is difficult. Our programs are known for their exceptional ability to develop on-the-job skills for developers and engineers.

Since everything we do is based on competency, you can have confidence in a reliable, quality source of software talent on a consistent, year-round basis.

Hire Software Engineer

We have a pool of software engineering talent trained in a variety of areas: C, C++, Rust, Go, Java, OOP, software architecture, parallel programming, Linux, Unix, distributed programming, memory management, advanced algorithms, etc.

Hire Embedded Software Engineer

We also have talent interested in embedded engineer or firmware engineer roles. They have strong programming skills in C, can recode Malloc and thus understand memory, and can specialize in C++, RTOS, or other areas you want in your recruits.

Hire Machine Learning Engineer

We offer one of the few programs that trains AI/ML engineers in actual programming, not just in theory. Our AI/ML engineers have a solid experience in Python, advanced algorithms and regressions, deep learning, and can specialize in C++, CUDA, Hadoop, and more.

Hire Full Stack Developer

We’ll help you fine and hire full stack developers from our talent pools. With strong fundamentals in data structures and algorithms, our developer graduates have used a breadth of languages and frameworks: Ruby, RoR, Python, Django, Java, Spring, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Typescript, Node, and more.

Hire Data Scientist

Similar to our AI/ML talent pool, our data scientists have completed significant projects with Python, PyTorch, Jupyter. They focused on implementing and programming, not just theory, and develop visualizations and presentations to understand the business context and impact of their data work.

Hire DevOps Engineer

Looking to hire DevOps Engineers? Our graduates understand how computers and networks work, and have experience actually using cloud tools and building CI/CD pipelines, rather than knowing where to click without a solid understanding of CS fundamentals.

Talent Sourcing for Software Roles: Recruitment Options

Host events, workshops, or meetups that facilitate networking, foster connections and potential opportunities while showcasing your company’s expertise and opportunities. Leverage Qwasar’s employer events and talent recruitment avenues to tap into a pool of qualified candidates​.

Guest Presentation

Come to our virtual campus for a 30-60 min guest presentation on a topic of your choice to our students. Even better, bring some of your engineering team! This gives you exposure and helps learners gain valuable industry insight.

On-campus Interview Day

When you’re ready to hire,  join our virtual campus and conduct interviews. Similar to an on-campus recruiting day, we can provide you with access to students, arrange interviews, and provide interview rooms if needed.

Access Engineer Profiles

Similar to a resume book, access full engineer profiles or our students, including resume, Git, technical portfolio, etc.

Host a Hackathon

Pick a subject and tech stack, and host a hackathon with our students. This is a great opportunity to test their skill level and host a fun and engaging event – bring your engineers too so they can code with our students.

Guest Peer Code Reviews

Send your engineers to be conduct guest peer code reviews for our senior students. It’s a great way to see the quality of code they produce and test their level of understanding without long technical interviews.

Why Recruit Talent from Qwasar

Source Great Talent

There’s a reason so many top companies have hired our graduates: they’re good engineers and we trained them for the workplace, not to pass multiple choice exams.

Reduce recruitment costs

We help you to streamline talent sourcing for software roles and speed up talent acquisition.

We train to Silicon Valley standards

Our programs demand quality code from our students, and we impose standards on our students that are expected at major Silicon Valley companies.

Attract top talent to your organization

When it comes to evaluating software engineer candidates, game recognizes game: good engineers can recognize other good engineers. Our graduates help you raise the bar of the engineering level within your organization.


Explore how partnering with Qwasar can help you find the best-fit candidates for your team

Contact our team today to find out how talent sourcing for software roles works. Tell us about your talent needs and we’ll se how we can help!

White Glove Recruiting Service

If you’re looking for mid- or senior-level positions, we also offer a White Glove recruiting service to assist you with finding the talent you want from our alumni network.

Our personalized approach to source, assess, and match candidates that we’ve known for years helps you to find best-fit candidates who have the technical skill and close culture fit for your company.

Contact us to inquire further about this service.


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