What Sets Us Apart

While we’re backed by a highly experienced team, advanced technical knowledge, and applied learning science, there are a few things in particular that set our apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships apart from other providers:

Very few training programs come anywhere close to the rigor, difficulty, and level that we train to.

Here are some of the elements that set us apart from other providers:

What Sets Us Apart

Real Backend Software Engineering

When we say ‘software engineering,’ we mean it: not web development, not full stack, but actual backend engineering. We’re the only training provider to offer serious low-level programming.

What Sets Us Apart

Advanced AI/Machine Learning

Similar to software engineering, when we say Machine Learning, we mean serious ML, verging on deep learning, with an understanding of neural networks and working with large and complex data sets.

What Sets Us Apart

Technical Level Required

No other programs train to the level that we do, and no other programs set such a high bar in the technical level required of our learners and apprentices.

What Sets Us Apart

Apprenticeship Curriculum Options

We’re the only apprenticeship provider giving you options in Rust, C, C++, Go, AI/ML, DevOps, Kernel, CUDA, and more.

What Sets Us Apart

What Constitutes On-The-Job Learning

Apprentices are expected to be ready to contribute to your engineering team on Day 1. Their OTJ (on-the-job) training isn’t how to use Git, do a code review, think like an engineer. This is a HUGE difference from other programs.

What Sets Us Apart

Table-stakes Engineering Skills

We focus on developing a strong Coding IQ and thinking like an engineer. This plus being at ease using everyday development tools is minimum table-stakes skills. Other providers don’t demand basic engineer skills of their apprentices. We do.

What Sets Us Apart

Diversity of Candidates With or Without a Degree

Given the cost of our training programs, the breadth of our network, and what we do, we have a large community of diverse, capable candidates. Some have a degree, some don’t.

What Sets Us Apart

Better Conversion Rates & ROI

Since we require minimum table-stakes skills in our learners and apprentices, our graduates convert at a much higher rate than other programs. You get real engineers for your teams, not candidates who can’t handle building enterprise-level software.

What Sets Us Apart

Use of SWE Tools and Standards

Candidates and apprentices are expected to be fluent in using standard SWE tools, writing code to a norm, giving and receiving code reviews, anticipating, and thinking critically. You need talent that’s ready to become a mid-level engineer, not a noob!

Qwasar Graduates vs. Other Program Graduates

Rigor, technical difficulty, resourcefulness, and depth of experience matter enormously when it comes to developing technical talent. Here’s how our apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship graduates compare to graduates of other programs:

Software Engineering Program projects

Other Program Graduates

  • Lack of maturity in structured problem solving and resourcefulness
  • Have been taught a framework and completed projects with provided templates, but do not have a fundamental understanding of how a computer works or how to build software
  • No experience in designing software architecture
  • No experience in database design
  • No critical thinking about structures, logic, or dependencies
  • Can’t identify or anticipate problems because they’ve never really had to solve them
  • Can’t learn a new framework because don’t know the fundamentals
  • Can’t use common SWE tools well because they only learned framework
  • Very limited technical interview practice or preparation completed
Software Engineering Program exercises

Qwasar Graduates

  • Maturity in problem solving skills and ability to structure a problem
  • Previous designed multiple software architectures
  • Build a database from scratch and designed multiple databases for projects
  • Naturally required to think critically about structure, potential problems
  • Can identify or anticipate problems because already experienced similar
  • Able to learn new tools or frameworks quickly thanks to strong foundation
  • Use common SWE tools daily
  • Technical interview-ready
  • Write clean, easy-to-maintain code that respects a norm
  • Can give and receive peer code reviews
What Sets Us Apart

How do we know the technical levels differ so vastly?

Graduates from bootcamps or CS degrees come to us regularly, and still have a huge amount to learn before graduating from our programs. Further, when our learners get into other apprenticeship programs, they consistently outperform graduates from other programs, and are consistently offered full-time employment over their apprentice peers. They are always among those who convert to FTEs because they contribute from Day 1 to the team and are habituated to working as an engineer.

Don't Trade Diversity for Technical Competency: Have BOTH!

Meeting minimum functioning standards as a software engineer or DevOps or AI engineer is important as an apprentice to getting the most from the experience and for converting to a full-time employee. Companies shouldn’t (and certainly don’t have to) trade diversity for competency, but companies must choose apprenticeship programs wisely.

There’s a cost to not having engineers who meet table-stake requirements on a team of developers. Apprentices who aren’t trained enough for the job won’t convert and will cost the team overall:

What Sets Us Apart

No One Else Truly Focuses on Software Engineering, AI or DevOps

Other providers don’t offer real backend software engineering apprenticeships, or AI/machine learning apprenticeships, or DevOps apprenticeships that actually require fundamental knowledge and training instead of “click-click” cloud users.


No other providers cover C, C++, Rust, Go, Assembly, Tensorflow, or subject areas that are actually in high demand and highly technical! We’ve got 20+ years of experience training people in these areas and are experts in apprenticeship models.

Did you know?

When our learners go to other apprenticeship programs (such as Microsoft LEAP or LinkedIn REACH), they outperform apprentices from other training programs EVERY SINGLE TIME and always convert to FTEs. We’re good at what we do and companies want good backend talent!

What Sets Us Apart

Software Engineering Apprenticeship

Our backend Software Engineering Apprenticeship focuses on developing talent trained in C, C++, Rust, and low-level programming. 

What Sets Us Apart

AI/Machine Learning Apprenticeship

Our AI/Machine Learning Engineering Apprenticeship focuses on developing talent trained in Python or C++, advanced algorithms, neural networks, and optimizations.

What Sets Us Apart

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