Why Qwasar

A look into the complex (and scientific) universe of Qwasar’s programs and platforms.

Why Qwasar silicon valley standards

Silicon Valley Standards

Qwasar programs train you to Silicon Valley standards. Look at any job description for software engineers, machine learning engineers, etc. in the San Francisco Bay Area and you will get an idea for the level demanded: it’s high.

We align our curricula to job requirements and demands. They demand C++ and OOP and advanced algorithms and data structures? Then that’s what you’ll be capable of doing by the time you finish our programs.

We’re one of the only programs globally to train to a high level that Tier 1 tech companies demand, from technical skills to soft skills to technical portfolios and more.

21st Century Skill Development

Cloud engineering and DevOps focus on infrastructure, monitoring, and automation.

Why Qwasar personal growth

Personal Growth

Machine learning, data, algorithms, and more.

Why Qwasar personal growth

The Learning Experience

Get an insight into the learning experience and community on the Qwasar platform and in our programs.

Why Qwasar structured-problem solving

Qwasar vs Bootcamps

How does Qwasar stack up against bootcamps and Computer Science degrees? Explore the fundamental differences and how learners are different afterwards.

Why Qwasar vs bootcamps

In C, you have to create a lot of things manually that other languages have like memory allocation. I better understand C++ now.

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Our Science

Take at look at some of the learning and behavioural science behind our programs and platform.

tech talent programs shooting star

Our Cutting-edge Platform

Get an overview of some of the innovative and industry-leading elements of our learning platform.

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Our Programs

Check our the programs available at Qwasar and apply today!