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Ongoing Success and Recruitment

Qwasar began programs at the end of 2019. Since our programs take 9-24 months to complete, we’re at the tip of the iceberg for learner success and recruitment. Some of our learners have already been recruited.

Currently, our success rate is 95+% for learners who complete (our mostly complete) our programs. Projects are hard work, but the hard work pays off.

We will continue to update this page through the year and share insights on who gains employment, where, and in what job.

Where Qwasar Learners Have Been Hired:






Head of AI

One of our learners is now the Head of AI at a large Brazilian startup Gryfo, focused on applied AI and computer vision solutions.

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Based in Arizona and moving to Texas, one of our learners was recruited as a Network Engineer to Infosys following interviews with Google, Facebook, and IBM.

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By the way...

None of our learners mentioned here has a BA or BS degree in the technology field. 


One of our learners was recruited as a Software Engineer Intern to Capgemini, working on various client project implementations for software projects and applications.

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Claris/FileMaker Developer Intern

Transitioning from a professional career in music, one of our learners is now an intern with a consulting firm that specialized in customized apps, including ones that use the Claris/FileMaker app development platform.

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Previous Alumni From Other Programs We Built

Qwasar founders launched 42 Silicon Valley in 2016, and within a few years, learners saw significant success in their careers. We’re proud of the work there and are excited to continue building next generation programs here at Qwasar. Our learning methods and the technical standards that we demand from our learners truly trains to a high level. Here are where some of 42’s learners are now (the 42 Fremont campus closed in November 2020).

The majority of learners did not have a Computer Science degree or a technical background. This means that we are good at helping you with long-term career success due to strong technical foundations (our programs are tough but worth it).

Software Engineer


Software Engineer


LEAP Apprentice


Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Google DialogFlow

Software Engineer


Sr. Enterprise Software Engineer


Software Engineer

US Small Business Administration

Software Developer


Sr Backend Software Engineer

Prime Trust

DevOps Engineer


Cloud Engineer


Software Engineer


Director of Software Engineering

Model Co Furniture

Security Intelligence Engineer


Computer Vision Engineer

Stats Perform

Machine Learning Intern

Cloud Window

Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


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Take at look at some of the learning and behavioural science behind our platform.

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