Our Learning Community

Join an active learning community of coders, hackers, thinkers, engineers, and developers. Contribution is expected, growth is encouraged.

our learning community

A Community Focused on Learning

Most degrees or bootcamps focus on passing. In the real world, what interests employers and learners is the ability to learn and actual skill development. At Qwasar, our focus is on your learning growth and competency development, not passing or grades. Three things help foster learning:


Accountability is a great driver for getting things done, and often that’s what we need when it comes to learning.


Get encouragement, keep going even when it’s tough.

Confidence That You’re Growing

Because other cohorts join after you, you’ll see for sure that you’ve learned and grown from one month ago or when you first started our programs. You can have confidence that you have grown, that your coding has improved, and that you’re closer to Silicon Valley standards.

our learning community
our learning community

Contribute, Mentor, and Giveback

Our goal is to continually develop and improve our platform, our programs, and our learning community. To do so, we need YOU to contribute, to mentor, and to giveback. As a learner, you benefit from help from others in the community, not just program advisors/manager, but also other learners.

We want you to be able to suggest project ideas, submit suggestions for projects, perhaps upgrade an exercise from plain to having a theme such as anti-plastic, climate change, cyberbullying, recycling, mental health, gardening, volcanoes or natural wonders, and more.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Leaders of Small Groups

Small groups are great ways to get project support, help with your code, and bonding amongst other cohorts. Groups are split by curricula, not by start date, meaning you’ll spend time with others who are on the same projects as you (or close by in the curriculum).

Small groups are led by Guardians of the Galaxy, student academic volunteers. Every Qwasar learner has an opportunity to become a guardian if they wish to help support and mentor other learners, especially ones newer to Qwasar.

our learning community

Who's In Our Community?

Learners in our community come from a huge variety of backgrounds and places. We have (or have had):


A LOT of bootcamp graduates

Mechanical Engineers


Tech Support Engineers

QA Engineers and Developers

Corporate Venture Capitalists

Stanford Law graduates

Computer Science students and graduates

Director of Finance at large payment company

Accountants and Accounting Managers

Technical recruiters

Biomedical engineers


Construction Workers


Dentists and Orthodontists


Web Developers

Self-driving Car Drivers/Trainers

Network Engineers

Mothers & Fathers


Civil Engineers


Semi-pro Athletes

Physical Therapists


Servers & Bartenders



Small Business Owners


and many more!

Laugh Like a Developer

We’re a fun community at Qwasar. We appreciate programming humor. We love memes, and yes we have a meme channel on our Discord.

Laughing helps to appreciate the ups and downs of programming as well as lighten the learning journey. Highly engaging and challenging learning is intense – enjoying some humor is helpful!

learning community
our learning community

Contribute to the Curriculum and Cool Projects

The Qwasar team is constantly monitoring trends and developments in the software space. Being part of Qwasar means also having the opportunity to help us develop new curricula and projects.

All curricula are alpha and beta tested first within the Qwasar community, meaning you get first-hand access to in-demand tracks such as Rust (no other company has Rust training to the level that we do!).

Small Cohorts, Global Reach and United Online.

Qwasar programs exist all around the world. Our online programs are mostly in North America, and we work with partners to implement programs globally. When you join the Qwasar platform, you join a global platform of coders, learners, and mentors.

There’s power in small cohorts but a global online community. In the morning, your cohort might help you solve a problem, and in the afternoon, you might reply to a question on our online chat from someone on the other side of the world.

Small cohorts and a global reach are reflective of the work environment today and of the future of work in a global digital economy.

Our Learning Community 1
our learning community

Feel Good, Do Good. Help Others in the Community!

A significant part of improving your own learning and comprehension is actually helping others. At Qwasar, when you help others understand their code or their software problems, you actually help yourself deepen your understanding of different concepts, best practices, and approaches to solving problems.

So in doing good, you can feel good and reinforce your own learning! Our Discord is an inspiring place – learners from across the globe help each other debug, problem solve, and review code daily.

Independent Student Project: Discord Bot "Squire"

Qwasar students are engaged in independent work throughout their curriculum. Two students, Connor C and Thanh N, built a Discord bot to help facilitate student support within the Qwasar community. This independent project is already having positive impacts on the learning community and shows the creativity and initiative of these students. This bot enhances the learner-guardian experience and allows for quicker response times on support tickets. Learn more about how they developed and built this bot in our blog.

Contribute to an Industry-leading AI-driven, Automated Learning Platform

If you like experimenting with new tools and toys, then you’ll enjoy playing around with alpha- and beta-released tools at Qwasar. We’re always adding new features and tools to our platform, and Qwasar learners get first-hand experience helping us develop, test, and deploy in-demand tools to our platform.

our learning community
our learning community

A United Learning Community

When you join Qwasar, you enter a new way and world of learning, as well as a new community. We’re united by common beliefs about the future, about how people learn, and by a respect for top-level coding.

Today’s world is digital, so is the future.

Accountability is a great driver for getting things done, and often that’s what we need when it comes to learning.

Learning to code means digital freedom.

Get encouragement, keep going even when it’s tough.

Your code is your expression

At Qwasar, it doesn’t matter what your background is, where you come from, or what job you’re in. What matters is you, your code, and your learning. Coding and the choices you make is like an expression of who you are and how you think. We’re united by a common interest in how and what you code.

Elite Programs Available

Experiential Learning Platform software engineering program


Experiential Learning Platform full stack development program


Experiential Learning Platform cloud engineering program


Experiential Learning Platform machine learning engineering program


Experiential Learning Platform data science program


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Our Science

Take a look at some of the science behind our platform.

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For those interested in licensing our platform, please inquire with us!

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Silicon Valley Standards

Discover part of what sets Qwasar apart: our high-level standards.