Personal Growth

In the Qwasar learning universe, everything is designed to help you learn and grow as a human being; it’s not just about technical skills or programming languages.

personal growth

A New Way and World of Learning

When you join Qwasar, you enter a new way and world of learning, one that is much tougher than traditional classroom settings. With project-based learning, you are much more engaged in your work: you have to research the problem and what you don’t know or understand, figure out possible solutions, evaluate them, decide which path to take, and begin building a solution.

Sometimes, you go down the wrong path and you have to start again. Sometimes you get stuck and you need to learn how to help yourself become unstuck. Sometimes you’re frustrated or can’t see the results of your labor quickly.

This mental and emotional up and down is all part of work in the 21st century, and it’s part of the new way and world of learning at Qwasar. The complexity, collaborative nature of the work combined with your responsibility for your learning makes this a tough experience but one in which you will undoubtedly grow and mature.

personal growth
personal growth

Whole Person Growth

Employers are really looking for great employees and great engineers or developers, people who can join the team, get their work done with the existing team members, and solve problems that arise. In reality, they ask for a fair level of maturity and soft skills.

Our programs are designed to help you develop soft skills and learn how to work in groups, often experiencing what works and what doesn’t work.

Another part of what helps you grow is changing your attitude about ‘failure.’ If your code isn’t working or you keep getting exercises wrong, it is an opportunity for growth and learning. We learn the most from our errors, and learning to see mistakes as opportunities to learn is an important mindshift.

Lifelong Learning is the New Normal

Technology changes so quickly today that engineers, developers, and anyone in the digital world has to constantly keep up and learn new technologies and tools. The real skill is to know how to learn and to face any new challenge with confidence.

That is what you will do at Qwasar: over and over again, you will be faced with a project that seems too difficult. 2 months later, it will seem like a piece of cake.

This very much reflects the world today: you are in for a life of learning. Welcome to the new universe of learning!

personal growth
personal growth

Where is the world going: Digital Transformation

We are in an ever-changing digital world, increasingly by the day. The new realm of digital transformation includes:

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Digital Synergies between AI & Deep Learning
  • Big Data
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • 3D Printing
  • Robotics
  • Industry 4.0
  • IoT
  • Nanomanufacturing
  • 5G
  • Biology
  • Quantum Computing

Machines are growing in competency

Machines can do more today than ever thought of before. They can replace human jobs that they once couldn’t. Machines can complete accounting tasks, perform surgical operations, make automated phone calls for restaurant reservations, and other repetitive manual tasks. Machines are getting smarter, but the value of human capabilities over machines is still essential for our workforce. As these jobs are being replaced by machines, humans need to adapt and develop skills to future-proof themself for their careers.

personal growth
personal growth

What machines are not good at right now

There are things that machines are not good at….yet:

  • Creativity
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Emotions like humor, compassion
  • Being able to handle complex situations
  • Interdependencies
  • Inferring
  • Writing novels and cohesive storylines
  • Collaboration with other humans
  • Beating a human sports team

Are you investing in yourself now to develop skills for the future?

Now is the most crucial time to develop the knowledge and skills that will set you apart from machines. Knowledge is easily accessible, through Google and other sources. Memorizing is not going to help you in the long run, as you will always have access to search engines. You need to be resourceful and take responsibility for your own learning. Ask yourself if you are being adaptable, if you are being flexible, and if you are constantly learning?

The thing that is so essential is your ability to contribute more than a machine and utilize today’s technology to be valuable. The 21st century is going to continue to change everything we once knew, not just in technology, but having these skills will future-proof you for the new world we will come to know.

personal growth
Personal Growth 1

Dentist Turned Developer, Meet Thays

Thays is a great example of personal growth within the Qwasar community. She made a career transition from dentistry to programming to expand her skill sets and follow her passion. In an interview, she shares successes while learning to code and encouragement for other learners starting out on their journey. She embodies the principle at Qwasar of never giving up and to keep pushing. 

"Future-proofing is not so much that you can predict everything (or anything?), that you have a stable world, and that you are all good to go; it's more that you understand the nature of agency, change and non-predictability."
"So I see it more as being future-savvy and being able to navigate and drive transformative change and disruption, being comfortable exploring the future however surprising it may end up being."
Roger Spitz - Advisor

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