Silicon Valley Standards

The only learning platform available that truly trains learners up to Silicon Valley standards for technical talent.

silicon valley standards
Silicon Valley Standards

The Highest International Tech Talent Standards Globally

Silicon Valley is known as the tech hub of the world, and naturally it attracts some of the worlds top tech talent. Most of the Tier 1 tech companies globally have set not only the hiring standards, but also project delivery and coding standards.

Qwasar is one of the only platforms that trains learners to Silicon Valley standards. Our learning methods have a track record of fueling learners into jobs at Tier 1 tech companies because they have the technical knowledge, software coding experience, problem solving and critical thinking ability, and depth and breadth of understanding that recruiters and engineering managers are looking for.

Significant Software Development Cycle Experience

The vast majority of tech companies who hire entry-level candidates want at least 1 year of previous experience because they are fed up with the skills gap. Qwasar learners spend so much time writing code, building projects, finding solutions, and designing architecture that they don’t have a skills gap: they’re ready for the workplace.

silicon valley standards

Depth and Breadth of Technical Know-How

Most software engineering positions have a high standard and require things such as:

  • Solid grasp and experience coding in C, C++, or OOP languages
  • Ability to contribute to discussions on software architecture and design
  • 100% ease and comfort with Git repositories/code version management
  • Advanced knowledge and experience with algorithm design and implementation
  • Ability to write readable code (and to a norm), conduct peer code reviews, and mentor younger engineers
  • Efficiency in debugging and structured problem solving
  • Strong comprehension of SQL, Redis, or similar databases
  • Ability to translate technical specifications or project description into suggested architecture, programming languages, and code structure
No other programs go this deep. Qwasar is a world leader in this area.

What Bootcamps Don't Teach

Qwasar’s focus is on elite-level, high-standard programs, because that’s what industry demands and that’s what the international level demands.

Bootcamps focus on front-end programming, some back-end programming, and a few projects. They do not cover:

  • Intermediate or advanced level algorithms
  • Advanced data structures
  • Databases
  • C++, OOP, C, or any low or lower level language
  • Giving and receiving peer code reviews
  • Problem solving and critical thinking
  • How to translate tech specs into real software architecture
  • A deep and solid foundation in software engineering principles
silicon valley standards
silicon valley standards

Technical Interview Preparation

Technical interviews at some of the top tech companies are widely known for their intensity and difficulty. A lot of the problems encountered during these interviews required in-depth knowledge of data structures, logic, and algorithms.

Qwasar has developed a proprietary Technical Interview Preparation Program which is part of each Qwasar program. Learners complete 40 technical interviews, serving as both the interviewer and the interviewee.

We have a bank of 800+ exercises ranging from levels 1-20. Additionally, learners practice a structured approach to interviews and the art of talking, problem solving, and coding simultaneously.

Like sports, interviewing takes practice in order to gain confidence and improve your techniques.

“I have attended programs previously built by the Qwasar founders. There is no doubt they will train you to the Silicon Valley standard.”
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Silicon Valley Standards

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