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Elite Programs

Tough but fun tech talent programs with Silicon Valley standards

Qwasar Silicon Valley software engineering program

Software Engineering

Top-level, back-end heavy training program.

Qwasar Silicon Valley Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development

Focuses on front-end and back-end development.

Qwasar Silicon Valley cloud engineering program

Cloud Engineering

Top-level DevOps and major cloud tool training.

Qwasar Silicon Valley data science program

Data Science/ Engineering

Tough, holistic program in the data science lifecycle.

Qwasar Silicon Valley machine learning engineer program

Machine Learning

Advanced algorithms and large data sets.

Doing a degree is nothing compared to this.

In school it’s only theory but you don’t really understand it. Theory is important, but then the theory starts catching up with the practical, and that’s what you need. That’s where you have to actually build the architecture, write the code, see the trends, think on a high level, and architect a solution.

Qwasar Silicon Valley New World of Learning


Qwasar: A New World of Learning

Welcome to a new world of learning, completely different from the last 200 years. We’ve redesigned the learning experience, aligned it to what you need to succeed today, and have created a learning community.

Learning skills is tough, but it’s what we need in today’s world. Check out the science behind our platform and what it’s like to learn at Qwasar.

Workforce Development Programs with Local Colleges

Partner with Qwasar Silicon Valley to offer skills-based training programs in key tech jobs. Drive career success, job readiness, and high employment rates. Serve your local population with high quality yet affordable programs.

Discover more about for-credit or not-for-credit options, how to leverage your faculty, and why workforce development programs with Qwasar align with community college goals and objectives.

Why Qwasar

We’re unlike most other programs out there: we’re skills-based, train to Silicon Valley standards, backed by science, affordable, and 100% learning by doing. Our hands-on learning style and tough curriculum means learners truly open doors for themselves at top-level companies thanks to the depth and breadth of their abilities and job preparedness. 

Future-proof Yourself

Qwasar Silicon Valley future-proof yourself

Automation is here and the Coronavirus is only speeding it up around the world. So how do you future-proof yourself?

It’s about skills – as identified by many of the world’s leading organizations. You have to get to a level higher than that of computers and develop strong problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity skills, as well as developing the ability to learn on your own. That is what we do here at Qwasar.

120 +

in our platform built by experts

800 +

in the exercise bank from Levels 1-20

1600 +

learning at top-level standards


of experience in innovative education

25 K

software engineers over the last 20 years

License From Qwasar

Interested in starting a campus, running a program, or incorporating Qwasar into what you’re doing? Inquire with us for more information and to discuss collaboration and partnership opportunities globally.

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Our Partners

We partner with many organizations, businesses, non-profits, and industry leaders that share a similar mission for tech talent. Through the power of collaboration and teamwork, we can further develop our programs to the benefit of our learners. Our partners are focused on diversity in the workplace, future of work, and 21st century skill development.

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Qwasar Silicon Valley is a global leader in innovative, skills-based learning, and tech talent development. Built by experts with 20+ years of experience, we’re building a community of learners and recruiters to fuel digital transformation and talent for the digital economy.

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