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Rigorous training programs designed for the 21st-century, built by real software engineers.

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Masters in Computer Science Degree Program

Modern masters degree program focused on competency based education with elective specializations in Software Engineering, AI/Machine Learning, and Full Stack Development.

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Elite Technical Training Certificate Programs

Explore our certificate programs in full stack development, software engineering, data science, DevOps/cloud, and AI/machine learning. These programs are shorter and more flexible than our Master’s program.

Why Qwasar

We’re unlike most other programs out there: we’re skills-based, train to Silicon Valley standards, backed by science, affordable, and 100% learning by doing. Our hands-on learning style and tough curriculum means learners truly open doors for themselves at top-level companies thanks to the depth and breadth of their abilities and job preparedness. 

Qwasar Silicon Valley New World of Learning


Qwasar: A Modern World of Learning

Welcome to a new world of learning, completely different from the last 200 years. We’ve redesigned the learning experience, aligned it to what you need to succeed today, and have created a learning community.

Learning skills is tough, but it’s what we need in today’s world. Check out the science behind our platform and what it’s like to learn at Qwasar.

Join a Great Learning Community

Our learning community is focused on growth, personal development, accountability, and meaningful contributions. We are made up of learners from a wide variety of backgrounds and places, unified by code and online education. We are hackers, developers, engineers and thinkers. We laugh, learn, and grow with one another through mentorship and support. Within the community, there are small cohorts, guardians to lead and guide students, and meetings to keep you accountable for your progress.


Partner With Us For Backend SWE & AI Apprenticeships

We offer software apprenticeships to build a strong and diverse talent pipeline for your organization. Our rigorous program prepares engineers with the on-the-job skills tailored to a company’s needs. Our talent is diverse and highly qualified in technical competency which sets us apart from other apprenticeship providers. No other provider covers C, C++, Rust, Go, Assembly, Tensorflow, or other subject areas that are in high demand and highly technical. We offer apprenticeship programs in backend software engineering, AI/Machine learning engineering, full stack development, and dev/ops cloud engineering.

Benefit From Our Employer Partnerships

We work directly with employer partners who are interested in recruiting from our programs. Partnerships range in setup and include direct referrals for Qwasar learners, special consideration for open jobs/internships/apprenticeships, recruitment or demo days, or us giving learners’ resume to recruiters who do at least one interview with them.   Our employer partners include:
  • LinkedIn
  • Capgemini
  • Workday
  • Claris, an Apple subsidiary
  • Upwork
  • And more.

Our Programs Have a High Success Rate

As of June 2022, our success rate is 95% for learners who complete (or mostly complete) our programs. This rate has held solid for 18 months. This success rate is within 6 weeks of graduating (not 6 or 12 months afterwards!). Our alumni can be found at:





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Qwasar's Experiential Learning Platform

Unlike other programs, we use a proprietary experiential learning platform designed for 21st-century learning. Backed by AI, data, and automations, discover what it’s like to be in charge of your learning, use autocorrection systems whenever you want, and collaborate with pair-programming and group work.

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About Qwasar

Qwasar Silicon Valley is a global leader in innovative, skills-based learning, and tech talent development. Built by experts with 20+ years of experience, we’re building a community of learners and recruiters to fuel digital transformation and talent for the digital economy.

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