Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do I need previous coding experience to join Qwasar programs?

It depends which course or program you’re looking at, but largely, most courses require at least some previous programming experience.


Our Career Pathways don’t require previous programming experience.


There are actually a lot of great learn-to-code for beginners resources out there, so if you’re a complete newbie, we’d recommend getting your feet wet first.


  1. What are the requirements to apply?

Applicants must be located in North America and hold at least a high school diploma or GED. A computer with a working webcam is also required, as well as a stable internet connection. 


  1. What is the time commitment for Qwasar programs?

Qwsara offers different course options to fit your needs and schedule, so time commitments will vary based on your choice.


For Self-learning Upskill: no minimum time commitment required.


For Part-time Professional Flex: a range of 1-50+ hours dependent entirely on your schedule and flexibility.


For Intensive Bootcamp Part-time: the commitment is roughly 20 hours per week.


For Intensive Bootcamp Full-time: expect a minimum of 40 hours of time dedicated to learning. You are expected to attend virtual meetings during your program meeting days for events including daily standups, live coding sessions, coding collaboration sessions, and tech start up of the week. These meetings last 30-60 minutes each and are counted in the estimated time commitments per week.


  1. Are there scholarships available?

Scholarships are available only for our Master’s of Computer Science Degree program.


  1. What is the tuition for Qwasar programs?
    Course costs vary depending on which Course Option you choose. For more information on pricing, please visit:

    Learners will be required to sign an enrollment contract when they join programs for the Part-time Professional Flex or Intensive Bootcamps.


  1. What is the attendance policy?

Our attendance policy varies by Course Option:

Self-learning Upskill: no attendance requirements.


Part-time Professional Flex: monthly meetings on Saturdays, minimum 90% attendance throughout the program.


Intensive Bootcamps: Attendance at program meetings is required and considered part of the program. Meetings are very much about learning from others, engaging in projects in group settings, and working with others. Learners who consistently miss meetings will be subject to academic interventions, up to expulsion from the program.


Pauses and leave of absences are not allowed for our Intensive Bootcamps, and do not apply to the Self-learning Upskill and Part-time Professional Flex options.


  1. Are there any additional expenses or textbooks for the program?

No – all materials for this program and its courses are included in the tuition. There are no other additional expenses such as textbooks for this program. There is no application fee to apply to our programs.


  1. If I work full-time, can I still join a Qwasar program?

If you work full-time, you should enroll in one of the part-time programs or the Self-learning Upskill option. If you work Monday to Friday, you will not be admitted to the Intensive Bootcamp Part-time on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


  1. What kind of computer do I need for this program?

This program uses software that will work on a Chromebook. You do not need to purchase a powerful computer in order to complete this program. You will need stable internet access and a good connection, however, in order to participate and learn in our programs.


  1. Do you provide work experience or guarantee employment after program completion?

There are no employment guarantees in our programs, however we work with students to prepare them for the application and interview process. Programs include a track called TIPP (Technical Interview Preparation Program) to prepare and engage learners in industry-standard technical interviews. We review student resumes and LinkedIn profiles to fine-tune them for ATS-screening processes. Our graduates have a strong technical portfolio and the skill set to be successful in industry.


  1. Are there instructors?

At Qwasar, there are no professors or instructors who manage your learning for you, but instead there is a Program Manager, similar to a coach. Your program manager is there to support you in your projects, exercises, and learning, but they are not there to write code for you or debug your code. You are responsible for your learning, just as you are responsible for getting your work done in a job. As a learner, you have access to all of your work and projects throughout each track. You need to learn to manage your time, plan your work, and advance in your studies. Program managers facilitate meetings including daily standups, live coding sessions, coding collaboration sessions, and tech start up of the week. For details on support available for each course option, please consult our course pages.


  1. Do you have a campus? 

Not in North America (yet) – our programs are entirely remote and 100% online, meaning you can access Qwasar from anywhere, anytime.


We work with a variety of partners internationally, many of whom have campuses.


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