Master's of Science in Computer Science

Choose a Master’s program designed for the 21st-century that’s actually focused on coding not lectures, with three areas of specialization.

A Modern Master's of Science in Computer Science Degree Program

We’re pleased to offer the most modern Master’s program that trains to Silicon Valley standards. We make sure our graduates are equipped with all of the skills and competencies necessary for success in the 21st century.  We provide skills-based training options to meet the needs of employer demands.

masters of computer science

Program Options

Full-time and part-time programs available in a remote-first setting. Additional start dates will be added for 2024.

Full-time Weekday

13 months

Monday – Friday meetings

Start dates:

21 May 2024

23 Sept 2024


24 months

Tuesday evening/Saturday meetings

Start dates:

22 May 2024

24 Sept 2024

  • Join a specific cohort
  • Virtual meetings, events, and synchronous learning sessions
  • Projects and coding assignments completed when works best for you
  • Learn in a community
  • 100% hands-on learning
  • Accountability & motivation

Master's Program Curriculum

The MSCS curriculum is comprised of two parts: a core, then a specialization. You can choose your specialization, and will complete your thesis and capstone project under each specialization. Visit our Curriculum page for more details and a list of courses!

Elite Full Stack Development Program preseason


The core curriculum starts with a 3-day intense hackathon, followed by data structures, algorithms, and data types. This provides a basic foundation on which students will build as they then move into their electives.

Elite Full Stack Development Program season 1


There are currently 3 specialization areas available:

  • Backend Software Engineering
  • AI/Machine Learning Engineering
  • Full Stack Development

Elite Full Stack Development Program

Career Prep

As part of the program, students are required to complete career preparation assignments, activities and role plays. This includes completing behavioral interviews, technical interviews, resume reviews, and more.

The Student Experience

The student experience at Qwasar is unlike any other college or university. Students are engaged and involved in their own learning journey and have constant access to the tools and programs to help them achieve success.

No other MSCS degree program in North America uses modern learning approaches or learning science and techniques that truly develop on-the-job skills needed in today’s world.

Program Format

Full Time: 

  • Monday – Friday
  • 40-50 hours per week
  • 13 month duration

Part Time:

  • Tuesday evenings and Saturdays
  • 15-20 hours per week
  • 24 month duration

Program Meetings

All students are required to daily meetings and participate in weekly events such as:

  • Daily Standup
  • Coding Collaboration Workshops
  • Engineering Labs
  • Live Coding Sessions
  • Technical Presentations
  • Virtual Library Time
  • Occasional On-Site Meetings

Style of Instruction

100% Learning by doing

Software engineers on the job are expected to solve problems, write code, collaborate, do code reviews, design architecture, debug, and ultimately deliver software that works. This is how our program is built, which is VERY different from a traditional program focused on lectures, grades, and passing.


Qwasar uses an AI-driven Learning Management System, built in-house by our engineers and learning experts.

It’s a sophisticated platform with coding environments, autocorrectors called Gandalf, and more that empowers learners to take control of their learning.


Instead of traditional lecturers, professors, and instructors, Qwasar uses Program Managers.

Program Managers are like engineering managers or coaches, and are not focused on knowledge delivery but on supporting your learning journey successfully.


Members of the Qwasar community are available to support students through a variety of ways. Students will be connected with their program managers as well as advisors to mentor them throughout the program

How We Compare to Other Master's Programs

software engineer wearing headphones working on their laptop in the dark

Modern Programming Languages

Traditional universities focus on C++, Python, and Java. But industry is using Rust, Go, React, Typescript, C, and hundreds of other languages. At Qwasar, you learn languages that are actually used today, and have the opportunity to focus on additional applicable languages

No Lectures, Textbooks, or Chalkboards!

We’re in the 21st-century – textbooks and lectures are an old model of learning and don’t at all reflect what engineers do on the job. Our approach reflects modern learning science and what the modern working world is like.

No Video Lectures & Required Online Forum Posts

Many online MSCS programs are really just video lectures, exams, and required participation in online forums. The focus isn’t on coding or on community. Qwasar is all about coding, collaboration, community, and active learning – learning that isn’t boring!

Parallel Programming!

You actually have to DO parallel programming as opposed to just read about in in textbooks or sit in lectures as with other Master’s programs.

Ownership and Control of Your Learning

We don’t live in a world where people learn X in Y amount of time, like a Fordism factory. People aren’t machines! We should be able to learn at a pace that works for us but that still has community. You have much more control of your learning in our program, with greater flexibility and choice.


Masters Program Brochure

Download a copy of our masters in computer science brochure for detailed information about our program, logistics, etc.

Master's of Science in Computer Science


Qwasar uses a non-traditional admissions system: – no GRE – no letters of recommendation – no Bachelor’s of Computer Science required!

The real question is: can you code?

For more information on our admissions, please visit our Admissions and Tuition page.

Interested? Apply Now!

If you would like to apply to our program, please use the following link:

Student Support

Program Managers
Since Qwasar uses project-based learning and skills-based learning, the role of ‘instructors’ is to facilitate students’ learning through exploration, curiosity, inquiry, and challenges. Program Managers function in a similar manner to an engineering manager in the workplace, and are the primary point of support for students.

Career Advising
Students have access to career advising, portfolio preparation, resume reviews, LinkedIn profile reviews, keyword suggestions, behavioral interview practice, and access to a unique hiring opportunities via partnerships.

Technical Interview Preparation Program
Learners join our Technical Interview Preparation Program as they begin working on some of their final projects in the full stack track. Learners do 40+ technical interviews to prepare for job applications.

Master's of Science in Computer Science

Tuition and Financial Aid? Apply Now!

Total Cost

The total cost of the Masters of Science in Computer Science program is $17,000. There are no additional fees.

Financial Aid

Scholarships are available students. FAFSA financial aid is not available for our programs. We offer 9 scholarships, which can be viewed on our Scholarships page.

Financing Options

Qwasar tuition is due before your start date. We have scholarships available for students that qualify. We encourage all students to apply. Please contact us about financing options through Meritize.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Masters of Science in Computer Science

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Masters of Science in Computer Science

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Masters of Science in Computer Science

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